Date: 10th May 2018 at 1:02pm
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Last night, against Huddersfield Town, Antonio Conte chose to make six changes to the starting eleven that had beaten Liverpool, on Sunday.

One was enforced, with Courtois having picked up an injury meaning Caballero had to start.

The other five though can only be put down to the Italian with the changes being as thus:

• Christensen in for Cahill
• Zappacosta in for Moses
• Pedro in for Hazard
• Willian in for Bakayoko
• Morata in for Giroud

Now, on paper, you’d expect the starting eleven that Conte selected to beat a Huddersfield Town side that, until last night, were in danger of being relegated.

But it just didn’t happen, did it?

Huddersfield frustrated Chelsea by getting numbers behind the ball whilst Chelsea’s build-up play wasn’t quick enough to unsettle a Huddersfield defence that had already shown their resilience by grinding out a 0-0 draw against Manchester City, last time out.

However, it has to be said that too many in the Chelsea starting eleven didn’t do themselves justice.

Pedro looked a shadow of the player we saw last season.

Willian, after probably being our best player since the turn of the year, appears to have lost form after not being a regular in the starting eleven in the last few games.

Morata doesn’t look a £60 million striker, despite his bright start to the season.

Fabregas, although busy, looks a fading force.

Caballero should surely have done much better when it came to the Huddersfield goal.

There’s probably other who also warrant criticism but the above, I’d hope, proves my point.

Since the win at Southampton, where Chelsea came back from 2-0 down to win 3-2, Conte has played a fairly settled side and Chelsea’s results have benefitted from it.

Last night, Conte took a gamble, rolled the dice and lost.

As a result, Chelsea’s chances of Champions League football are all but over.

To qualify for the competition next season we have to win away at Newcastle on Sunday whilst hoping Liverpool lose at home to Brighton and Hove Albion, an unlikely scenario in my opinion.

After the game, talking to the media, Conte remarked,

“We dropped many points this season.

“I’m realistic. I think at the end of the season you finish in the position that you deserve.

“If we stay fifth in the table it means we deserve to stay in this position.”

It probably does, the legendary Brian Clough, when asked if his Nottingham Forest deserved to be relegated suggested that the table doesn’t lie.

But, tossing and turning in bed last night, I just couldn’t get it out of my mind that, last night against Huddersfield Town, Conte got it all wrong with his team selection and should have persisted with a settled eleven that has served him well recently.

Is it a conclusion you concur with?

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8 Replies to “Did Conte Get It All Wrong Against Huddersfield With His Team Selection?”

  • The coach is a gambler to me he want the team to play in europa and I have a sleepless night about selection and he lack knowledge on how to change when his team needs reinforcement

  • Comment: Conte made blunders in team selection….even tacticaly in his substitutions he is wrong. I wonder why he rest the first team players in a must win match.

  • I just don’t understand the coach. The formation was so embarrassing. You needed to win the match u went and fielded ur second eleven. This share wickedness. I guess the coach wants to take us back to were he met the team.

    • I think he don’t have passion for chelsea to quality, but all he is after is to play every player in the team so that the players national teams may consider to call them for world cup… which is rubbish

  • Conte got it wrong from the moment he sent that text message to Diego Costa. I know some will come and say Costa wanted to leave even before but my argument is that the manager should not have been the first to inform the player. He all efforts to reconcile the player untenable. Costa won him the league last season but Conte showed he was ungrateful to all the efforts the player put in. Conte may stay for another season but it will be a bit difficult for him to be as free as he was last season.

  • Looking back Merlin yes he definitely got it wrong but some of last night’s starting 11 SHOULD have been playing for their future at our club. Too many of them clearly don’t care enough to put a shift in, if they had then we might be hailing the boss as a genius today.

  • He got the selection wrong , but the players did not show up again, and that ref Lee Mason was appalling , he let them get away with time wasting , faking injuries and the two fouls in the run up to the goal . Contes body language spoke volumes , he does not want to be here . Even with the. transfer window and not getting his first choice players , this team should have made top 4 . Some of these players need to pack their bags also

  • This is a shame. There came a time our dear team needed rotation but our coach never gave others the chance. Then he makes the changes in a must win came. He has to go. I don’t want to talk about the players for now

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