Date: 12th May 2006 at 12:58pm
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The latest to go Under the Spotlight is Enrique Nespereira a regular at Stamford Bridge since 1976.

1. Why Chelsea and when did the passion start?

My Dad came over from Spain in the sixties. He was huge football fan anyway and a regular at the Riazor to watch Deportivo. As he settled in the Pimlico area, Chelsea was the nearest team, and Docherty’s diamonds were not a difficult team to fall in love with with. He’s back in Spain now, and when I phoned him to tell him about Peter Osgood he got quite emotional. I did the decent thing and supported his team. I was born in Spain but came over for good in 1976 and have been a regular at The Bridge ever since.

2. Favourite memory?

Winning the cup in 1997. Our first real trophy in my living memory. When Wise lifted the famous trophy I was as happy as I have ever been.

3. Best Chelsea XI?

Niedzwiecki,Harris,Terry, Desailly, Clarke, Nevin, Lampard, Gullit, Di Matteo, Zola, Dixon.

4. Worst experience?

14th May 1994. Not only did Utd. thump us in the cup final, but that same night Deportivo blew the league title by missing a last minute penalty. Luckily they have both more than made up for it since, but it’s a day I shall never forget.

5. Hopes for the future?

Champions League. That will complete my set of trophies (OK, we’ve never won the UEFA cup, but I’m not that bothered about that)

6. Ins and outs this summer (what do you think will happen and what would
you like)?

Think: Out-Eidur, SWP, Johnson, Maniche,Gallas In-Ballack, a centre back, a left back Want: Out-Drogba, Maniche, Johnson. In-Adriano, Ballack, a left back and Gallas to stay.

7. What advice would you give to Jose?

I’d like an improvement in the way we play, especially against weaker teams. I’d like a bit more style, we obviously have more than enough substance to ditch the sometimes too cautious approach. Also, try and keep the outrageous comments to a minimum.

8. How would you rate this season?

Not as much fun as last season. A lot of dull games.

9. National team versus Chelsea?

Not sure what you mean. I enjoy international football and support Spain, but Chelsea is the main love of my life and what keeps me going.

10. What would you improve off the pitch at Chelsea?

The catering is very expensive, I would have realistic prices for food and drink at the Bridge.

Our thanks go to Enrique for taking the time to take up the challenge. If you fancy a go, drop us a line at