Date: 16th April 2017 at 5:58pm
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A bad-day at the office could just have thrown the title race wide open.

In the 150th league meeting between Chelsea and Manchester United, Chelsea had one of those days they`d rather forget.

Having lost Thibaut Courtois, with an ankle injury picked up whilst making a basketball commercial, Chelsea also lost, through illness, Marcos Alonso in the warm-up.

Antonio Conte re-jigged his side, moving Cesar Azpilicueta to left wing back and bringing Kurt Zouma into the back three.

It should have been a blow potential title-winners could have absorbed, but Chelsea looked strangely off-form and matters weren`t helped when, with just seven minutes gone, the referee, Bobby Madley, missed a clear hand-ball from Ander Herrera, who intercepted a pass from Nemanja Matic, only for the Spaniard to play a fine through ball for Marcus Rashford to slip the ball past Asmir Begovic in the Chelsea goal.

We hoped Chelsea could recover but there appeared to be very little left in the tank, Begovic didn`t provide the same confidence Courtois does, Azpilicueta and Moses swapped flanks with neither making any impression going forward, Matic looked like he was controlling a balloon every time the ball came to him, whilst Hazard and Pedro were in the back-pockets of Herrera and Darmian respectively.

Meanwhile, Diego Costa looked as if he was more concerned with having a personal battle with Marcos Rojo.

Kante, as you`d expect, was going about his business in his usual manner but being frustrated at how all around him was disintegrating.

The second half, you hoped would start better but it didn`t. A matter of minutes into it Herrera unleashed a shot and it took a deflection off Kouma to give United a 2-0 lead.

Things did get better when Cesc Fabregas was brought on but Chelsea couldn`t break through the massed ranks of the United defence.

Chelsea are still four points clear and you`d hope today was just a glitch and not the start of a wobble that would do the unthinkable and hand the title to, of all clubs, Tottenham Hotspur!

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38 Replies to “Manchester United 2 Chelsea 0”

  • The Individual schooled Conte today. Period! None of our players had a good game. Matic, Luiz and Costa were appalling today. Can’t believe the lads have allowed our massive 10 points lead to deteriorate.

  • Its more serious than a bad day at the office now, Costa is abysmal and has been for a while, we have no decent back up striker, Matic has reverted to last seasons player , Cahill WTF was he thinking ?, helping Lindgard . The whole team has started to look like last seasons team . Conte really has his work cut out for him

  • An extension of the same game plan they used in our FA Cup match by disruptive play not allowing Hazard (stacked by Herrera throughout) & other technical players time on the ball. We played WBA or Stoke away rather than ManU. Grateful let them own up to that style of play they & media were calling anti football & expose their hypocrisy. BETTER LUCK NEXT GAME!!! KTBFFH!!!

  • It was a terrible day but we can still get over the line the main concern is Costa he has lost his teeth but hopefully he leaves and we get Lukaku

  • Five things on my mind:
    1. Today is just not our day. Everything went wrong, including referee decisions, our lethargic motion and passes, etc. Even Conte lacked his animated self. It all started with the sudden removal of Alonso.
    2. We have to take every game as a final and hope for luck to finish the cross line.
    3. Chelsea is not a complete team yet. We need to beef up in summer if we don’t want what happened to us last year (and is currently happening to Leicester) to repeat itself. And I strongly believe that our success in the transfer can be highly enhanced if we win the title.
    4. We need very good striker who can fight for ball and move it forward. Diego Costa is no longer a Chelsea player. His mind I’d not with us. And the earlier we change him, the better.
    5. As of today, I’ll give Costa plus £10M for Rashford.

  • Conte says its his fault for not motivating the players,my god they should not need motivating for a game of this magnitude, sorry but as long as Costa and Matic are on the field we are in trouble . Jerry the media are calling Mou a genius and that he executed a master plan . At the end of the game he walked over to the Chelsea fans and patted the United crest in front of them , classless POS .

  • Thought only Kante had a decent game. Apart from him everyone else had a game to forget. I think the 1st who should be shipped out in summer is Costa. Really feel bad for Michy. Whatever chance he has got he seem to have better touch, ball control and hold up play than Costa. I dont know why Conte does not give him a decent chance. Luiz was not Conte’s choice for defence. It was a last day emergency buy. Cant trust Cahill on big games. Next season with UCL action we need 2 quality defenders. We need 1 or 2 strikers, 2 defenders and 2 midfielders. Conte should identify his targets and try to get the players before season starts. Next season will be much much tougher. We better not blow it up like last season.

  • Our remaining fixture with Spurs are as follows :
    Chelsea: Southampton, Boro, Everton, Watford , Sunderland, West Brom
    Spurs: Arsenal, Palace, United, West Ham, Hull, Leicester.

    So let’s not get carried away & remain hopeful as we can still win the title. KTBFFH!!!

  • seems like Costa is a really bad influence to the team, just at the worst of times! One bad apple spoils it all. If his mind is not there, it affects the whole morale of the entire team. Soccer is a total team effort. If the one and only striker is not performing, then it affects the team badly. Too bad Conte does not want to try Michy for some strange reason. Like everyone one says, can he do worse than Costa right now? As for Matic, he’s been out of sorts for some time now and yet still starts every game! In view of this situation, Chelsea better pull it’s socks up immediately!!

  • teams have started punching holes in our tactics; finding a way around the system…Conte needs to act fast or worse can happen. Our goal ratio is steadily diminishing with the defence getting very very porous

  • spurs are now playing the way we played when we changed to our current system. Just a very bad day, can’t say more. I believe this will call for a TIMELY AWAKENING

  • Until Chelsea gets a driver, I mean a midfield driver like naingollan, Vidal, Alonso, Yaya toure we will never get the best out of our forwards. Lampard Michael Ballack enjoyed playing for us because the Drivers in that team (Makalele and Michael Essien). Matic cannot drive this team forward with one leg sorry to say.

  • Tottenham of recent dominates us because the drivers in their team are strong, energetic and technical. they give Kane, Dele and son the perfect platform other teams with reckless abandon.

  • Against spurs next week we need someone to roam alongside Kante that is energetic. Nathan Ake wouldn’t be a bad idea at all. He can do no worse than what Matic is offering. Matic is terrible as a midfield driver since last season. Kante’s presence had only helped a bit. Conte please our number one priority for next season is a midfielder in the shape of YAYA, Naingollan, or Vidal. I can’t wait to see Matic sit on the bench. If Mikel knew his onions we should not have bought Matic.

  • Wassup Merlin; how’ve you been keeping.

    I believe you lot are about to find out that Karma is a bitch. Rather than focus on your self-inflicted misery of last season, you found time to exhibit an animus you exhibited towards us that was most uncalled for.

    If we do you in the semis, then you can rest assured that Lady Karma has has saved the worst till last; we will do the double.

    I’ll be back x.

  • Absolute maximum points I can see Chelsea getting now is 86. If Spurs keep winning they will win the title. Hopefully as the tarp gets smaller the pressure gets to Spurs and we tumble over the line. The Chelsea players are definitely bottling this big time. You cannot lose 2 games in 15 days after losing 1 game in 6 months. No wonder Conte looks devastated. All last years problems are creeping back at the worst possible moment.

  • Well, I just hope Conte won’t let his over-reliance on Costa ruin everything we’ve worked for this season. I understand that Costa’s goals and top performance in the first half of the season is one of the reasons we’re top of the table, and Conte probably feels the need to be loyal to him now that his goals and performance have gone down. However, Costa has gone from A+ to F- in the last 2 to 3 months and it’s really affecting the team; the team is crumbling… We cannot because of loyalty to Costa ruin everything we’ve worked really hard for this season. I also think that inadequate rotation is now beginning to affect the team… I’ll strongly advice that we switch to a 2 striker formation if we’re serious about scoring goals and winning the league…

  • @RHYMEZ 1.. I really don’t think any team can easily punch a hole in the remarkable system Conte is trying to install. The system has a big downside though. It requires a lot of energy and being proactive and Chelsea do not have many of such players. It is working because of the injection of Alonso and Moses. I could be wrong, the sudden departure of Alonso today may have affected us. Harrera was able yo stick to Hazard because no one was running down the lest side. I believe it might have been better to just simply fill that spot with Kenedy or Ake. I think Abrahamovic should give Conte a free hand to choose his transfer personnel and feasibly support him. Then we can fully test his tactics

  • Oh, see, Cobham agrees with me about ‘worst possible moment’. Hazard, your engine, will pick up an injury in the semis, then, the whole world will see you for the one-man team you really are, in the remaining six fixtures.

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