Date: 10th May 2006 at 7:31am
Written by:

Mike Roddy, born in Yorkshire but residing in Australia since 1971, decides to take the ten question challenge.

1) When did I first start supporting Chelsea and why?

My interest in football started with England winning the World Cup in 1966.
I liked the blue of the Chelsea strip and my brother supported Leeds so it was
the logical choice.

2) Your first memory and has your passion grown or diminished.

Even though I was aware of Chelsea before, one of my earliest, and most
treasured moments, was winning the Cup against Leeds. My passion for Chelsea has always been present but has now increased due to the formation of the Chelsea FC Supporters Club of Western Australia.

3) Favourite Player

Tough question, but that maestro Gianfranco Zola edges out a few great players. His amazing skills and undoubted class stamp him as an all time

4) The team I most want to beat?

Man U have long been the benchmark for our league, and victory over them
is always sweet.

5) Favourite match involving Chelsea

The heart always points to the 1970 Cup against Leeds, but our first half against the quality of Barcelona in the CL last year was awesome.

6) Hopes for the future on the pitch?

Winning the league is almost everything. A Champions League or another FA Cup would be a great bonus. Give the very marvellous Billy Gallas a whole pile of money so he stays at Chelsea forever. Left back, right back, centre back, goal scorer – what a player!

7) Where does the current squad need to improve for next year?

We need an attacking midfielder to step up and take some weight off Frank. I am never happy when I see him playing deep for long periods because he is having to come back and take the ball up all the time. I hope that Essien will develop further next season and provide more midfield options.

8) Improve the club off the pitch?

They hate us. And that is fine because we hate them. But the anti-Chelsea sentiment is unfortunately starting to manifest itself on the pitch and that can hurt us. We don’t help ourselves at times with undignified reactions to losses and poor performances. If we lose, we lose. We should congratulate the other team and move on to ensure we focus on winning the next game.

9) Do you think that Chelsea have a fair image in the press?

No. There is a disturbance in the ‘red force’ and they do not like it at all. It is
unnatural. It is an emerging blue island in an ocean of red, and it disturbs the press. The problem is we seem to feed the press at times with bits and pieces of post match sour grapes and they feast endlessly on it.

10) Do I mind not signing Ickle Stevie Gerrard

Steve Gerrard is a class player. He is not important to Liverpool, he IS Liverpool. To have seen him playing alongside Frank in the league would have been amazing. Fact is he is staying a scouse (for now) and we can do very nicely without him as the last 2 years will attest.

Our thanks go to Mike Roddy for taking the time out to answer our questions. If you fancy the challenge, drop us a line at our e-mail address