Date: 7th January 2018 at 10:02am
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After exchanging insults on two previous levels, with the words clown, senile and match-fixing being pretty prominent, the verbal exchanges continue to flow.

After being insulted, once again, by Jose Mourinho who had seen his Manchester United side edge past Derby County, in the FA Cup, on Friday, Click Here Antonio Conte was only too willing to hit back with both barrels after Chelsea had drawn 0-0 with Norwich City.

Speaking to the media, Antonio hit back with,

‘I think when there are these types of comments, the comments you try to offend the person and don’t know the truth then you are a little man. Maybe he’s a little man in the past, a little man in the present and maybe a little man in the future.

‘I think when you try to hurt a person, especially if you know very well the truth of what happens, the court proved my innocence, when you do this it means you are a little man. But this is the not the first time. He does this in the past and he continues to do this in the present and when you are in this way you will continue to be in this way.’

Hard-hitting stuff, but will the authorities allow these exchanges to continue or will one, or both, be hit with a disrepute charge?

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7 Replies to “Mourinho v Conte – Round Three”

  • Very interesting bit of conversation on todays Sunday supplement, where the Sopranos of english football media show their true coulors talking about news value etc… during all of which,supersmug patron saint of instigating matters, Neil Ashton sits with a nasty smirk on his face, enjoying the mayhem they all create…. absolutely disgusting

  • We know the game against United will now be a slug fest, the animosity between the managers is getting out of control.

  • It is all coming at a very convenient time for José, who now has a dogfight on his hands for second place. Nice to see Conte is?nt backing one inch but going all in head first.. and we have the better football team

  • Often times I am amazed at the level of maturity of mourinho, often attacking the person of others. Silence they say is the best answer to a fool. I think Conte should learn to refrain from bandying words with such a man of low personality.

  • I think its great. With Man City walking off in the league they are adding some much needed entertainment and spice. Keep it coming

  • I love every bit of AC’s response. Hard and direct! I mean you dont fight like a girl…..stay on the issue at hand and dont digress into what you know little about. Its high time JM stop bossing people around with his foul mouth. It will take a lot from him to recover from this AC’s punch. Infact I dont see him recovering without further ridiculing himself. Luckily, he aint winning the league this yeah. It’s either Citey of us (tougue in cheek)

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