Date: 12th August 2018 at 11:04am
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The next 19 days could be crucial to how our season pans out.

We’re faced with the ludicrous situation whereby the transfer window in the Premier League is closed but is open, until the end of the month, in Europe.

Which in essence, means that European clubs could sign our players but unless we can find an out-of-contract player, we can’t bring anyone else in.

Today, lurking in the pages of the Express, is the suggestion that Real Madrid are preparing a huge bid, said to be of the magnitude, of £200 million, to try and persuade Chelsea to sell them our jewel-in-the-crown, Eden Hazard.

Whilst, so far, Chelsea have refused to even discuss any move for the 27-year-old, could there be a possibility that such a huge offer could be too good to refuse?

Here at Vital Chelsea, we hope not, a Chelsea without Hazard is unthinkable, but our fears are that if such an offer is made, the Belgian could, like Thibaut Courtois, be tempted to leave.

If that were the case we’d be left with £200 million in the bank but not able to spend it until January.

Who decided on what we feel is this ludicrous transfer deadline day ruling?


23 Replies to “Real Madrid Preparing To Wreck Our Season”

  • we need hazard to be the replacement of the fantastic everlasting brilliant would class footballer of the tonoment CR7 Hazard is deserve to be at real Madrid this sensors we need more trophys at real Madrid. don’t allow luka modrich to move

  • Exchange Luka to Hazard Madrid can not kill Chelsea this season let them look easy where for player’s we will not sell hazard with any prize never

  • Comment I should be more confident if only Hazard him self disabuse is mind on real Madrid move. Madrid has more and better players than Chelsea, yet they keep pestering Chelsea over Hazard after taking Courtoirs. We need to build our team not to destroy it.

  • Please we (Madrid) need Hazard and Hazard needs Madrid to achieve his aim of becoming Balon- dor accolade winner after Cristiano. This is his time.Please allow him to reign and rule the world . Thanks

  • Though am a Chalsea fan and fan of Harzard but I like him go to Madrid, his 27 it’s his opportunity to become world best lies with Madrid. No sentiment.

  • Comment Hazard is d kind of player that is needed to fill in the vacuum left by cr7 in Madrid. At 27, it is the right timefor him to join Real Madrid to at least win the balon d’or old. plz. Chelsea don’t deny him this opportunity. cos everybody knows it clear that hazard want to join the biggest club in the world which is Real Madrid. halamadrid

  • Sod off from our site Madrid fans and one so called Chelsea fan, Paul, TRAITOR is what I call him

  • let Chelsea fans not be too selfish, hazard needs to feel a new challenge, the one that will get him to the zenith of his career. there is no doubt that he is a better player to neymar but to proof this he needs to play for a consistent club that will make him achieve his dream of becoming a ballon d’or winner. so Chelsea fans please allow the guy to leave. intact Chelsea is making a huge profit on the guy” bought hazard for £32 million and now want to sell him for £200 million. that’s enough dudes.

  • No way. We need the best in order to get back into top 4. Then we can consider selling next season. Besides….i expect player like Hudson to have inproved enough to give us the extra bit produced by Hazard. We would also throw kovacic into the deal if he fits in or get one of Isco/Asenso.
    Fuvk off Madrid… CFC owe u nothing and you do not have birthright to every best player.

  • Real have had two months to bid for him, they passed on him .They must be idiots to think we would sell him and be unable to land a replacement until Jan . I also would think he would not leave us hanging., unlike the bignose snake, he does have loyalty, and his family are settled in London. I also think our window being shorter than the rest of Europe is stupid, can’t believe we voted for this shorter window (technically its not, because our window opened earlier, but no one moved until after the WC) . All that aside Real do not need him, they were not missing Ronaldo in the preseason . Hazard moving would mean less playing time for Isco or Asensio . So can’t see this happening .

  • I don’t understand why English clubs had to shoot themselves in the foot by deciding to close the window earlier when the official window goes up to the end for other leagues. What this means is that they can lose their star players without having any replacement because they can no longer buy. It is ridiculous unless they can also shut the window even to the outside leagues from buying players from the Premier league.

  • TBH, Hazard deserves to play for Real Madrid.. Being a True Chelsea fan, I will not be selfish and let him leave as we have nothing to offer him apart from Money, No UCL, No Top Tier Teammates, No Guarantee even to win next match. I am 100% thankful to Eden Hazard for giving us so many memories and plenty of moments to cheer when there was nothing happening… KTBFFH !!!

  • This comment thread is exactly whats wrong with this site and why i stopped visiting. “No Guarantee even to win next match” ?!?!?!!? Wtf? A true chelsea fan? Get dafak out of here.

  • Agreed, i hate this being dismissive of us, any Chelsea fan knows you cannot write us off, we will be back in the CL . As for no top-tier team mates, Jorginho, Kepa, Kante, AC,Rudigar, that’s just a few . Right now we probably have the best CFC team, since the RDM/Rafa Mazacar season. Plus look at the youth prospects ,Bulka,CHO for example, and looks like RLC and Bark can make the jump.

  • If Hazard is your brother be sincere will you not talk to him of Madrid move he as spent 6year in blues let him look forward to be the world best player as a football he is #haladamadrid

  • Lmao @Amos. Go back to where you belong, where even there you are not very liked amongst your own.

  • Also it doesn’t get more Arsenalish than your lame post. Keep that mentality at your garbage club and leave ours alone.

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