Date: 18th February 2018 at 5:30pm
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We ran a poll after the Hull City game, which to be honest was a bit tongue in cheek. Nonetheless it asked a perfectly feasible question. We see weakened teams play all the time in our domestic cup competitions.

It`s not just the ‘so called` big boys either. Managers across all leagues appear to view their league position as the most important consideration in terms of a successful season. Having considered here that a top four finish would bring in more income than beating Barcelona in this weeks round of 16 game, why wouldn`t Antonio Conte simply ‘throw` the game. Of course the money moguls behind the scenes at Chelsea may well be thinking that, but in all honesty, it`s not a viewpoint we, at Vital Chelsea subscribe to.

Safe to say nor do many of membership. The results of the poll seem to have suffered from some sort of glitch, slightly skewing the results, but nonetheless it gives a clear indication of our thinking.

77% voted No! to the question `Should Chelsea ‘throw` the tie against Barcelona`. Indeed why would a top club like Chelsea not try to beat one of Europe`s giants. Well, you could ask the 19% of non-believing, non-Chelsea supporting members who voted No!.

Quite where the remaining 4% of votes went is anyone’s guess. Maybe those votes went to Willian in some parallel poll running somewhere in the ether.


4 Replies to “Should Chelsea ‘Throw’ The Barca Game For A Top Four Spot”

  • A true sportsman never “throws” any match. You’d have to be a pretty low piece of ***** to advocate winning something with advantage, vs winning it on actual drive and talent.

  • Biggest game of the season for us , why would we even contemplate throwing it ?, this is what it?s all about really .

  • Exactly. If you can’t step up to the competition, you don’t deserve to be in it. These kinds of competitions are supposed to give you an idea of what you need, to take the next step forward. And even if I think that our club is a bit backwards in their approach, I’d never want the players to duck out on their duties. This could have easily been the question in 2012…

  • Why throwing in the towel all because of Barcelona? If there’s any team that Barcelona fear most in Europe it is Chelsea. They are good but like every other team has flaws we can and will capitalize on. In their last three matches they only managed to win one but we won two in the last three. I keep saying it if only Conte can get his tactics and formation right, Barcelona will be there for our bashing.

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