Date: 10th February 2013 at 12:38pm
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Nestling amongst the sports pages of the Sunday People is a lovely little article written by Dave Kidd.

Now normally I`d be set to pounce and claw my way into any scurrilous journalism designed to slate our club off, but on this occasion I have to, in most cases agree with Dave Kidd.

You see, Dave has written a piece that contains five points he`s pulled from the Roman Abramovich Management Handbook , these are listed below – see what you think;-

1 – Sack the manager who won you the Champions League and replace him with Chelsea`s Public Enemy #1

2 – Release Didier Drogba in the summer, realise you can`t do without him, then attempt to re-sign him in January.

3 – Allow Ashley Cole to start talking to foreign clubs by running his contract down, then realise that every major rival wants him, so offer him a new contract.

4 – Generate a major storm by telling Frank Lampard he can leave, then realise he`s actually still rather good, so open talks over a new deal.

5 – Oh, and try to sign up half of the Brazil team just at the point when Brazil become rubbish.

Apart from contesting, slightly, point #5, it`s hard to disagree that Dave Kidd has got it spot on, or do you beg to differ?