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And next to take the stand is – Munich Glory

And next to take the stand is – Munich Glory

1- Your Vital Chelsea User-name is?

Munich Glory

When did you start supporting Chelsea?

I started supporting Chelsea in 2001, with little or no knowledge about our players and manager back then. I can’t really point out what attracted me to this beautiful club but feel it was a natural call. I ‘m now very grateful to God that I found a feisty club like Chelsea.

3 – How old are you?

I ‘m 21, and feel really young enough to still be a ball-boy at Stamford Bridge in the near future.

4 – Where do you live?

Lagos, Nigeria

5 – What is your occupation?

A young journalist.

6 – What is your favourite Chelsea memory?

My favourite Chelsea memory is actually my username, Munich Glory. It was a night we reversed one of the most perceived irreversible, and a night we were handed justice after several years of been knocked out mostly through robbery. It was also a night that brought an end to stigmatization and reproach that I have suffered as a young Chelsea fan.

7 – What is your worst Chelsea memory?

I wasn’t here during the most difficult period, but I will never forget been robbed by Ovrebo. He did it like a dare devil armed robber with a machine gun, firing at the centre of Stamford Bridge. It was really tough to take but I have moved on.

Your favourite Chelsea player is?

Definitely Didier ‘the drog of war’ Drogba. He is a player you can’t understand how he scores goals. That guy is a thorough African elephant full of magic.

9 – Your favourite all-time Chelsea goal is?

Oscar’s second against Juventus, that goal made me cry out the joy in me because of his age, environment, occasion and the commentators’ description of the goal. It was similar to the one scored by Drogba against Valencia some years ago. I always watch that goal when ever I want to get something sad off my mind.

10 – Your thoughts on Vital Chelsea?

Vital Chelsea is the most lively and visited of all the vital sites. It has really added to my football knowledge and has given me the privilege to register comments in a forum dominated by people of a high calibre.

If you would like to join the Vital Chelsea Hall of Fame then simply e-mail the answers to the ten questions at JUVENILED40@HOTMAIL.COM and I`ll do the rest.


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