Date: 17th January 2018 at 5:39pm
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He may not be the most expensive transfer of the January window, but the Arsenal striker Alexis Sanchez is certainly the most talked about.

The Chilean has been, so far, linked with a move to Manchester City, Manchester United, Liverpool and, of course, Chelsea.

My co-ed, techlec2000, used the opportunity to utilise our front-page poll to ask a simple question – Will Chelsea sign Alexis Sanchez?

Just the two options were offered:

? Yes

? No

With the poll closed we can reveal that a massive 77% of you voted for the Yes option, with just 28% of those that voted going for the No option.

I wish I shared your optimism.

Here at Vital Chelsea we thank you for your participation.

Or latest poll asks you to predict the outcome of the FA Cup replay between Chelsea and Norwich City.

Please use your vote wisely!


8 Replies to “The Great ‘Will Chelsea Sign Alexis Sanchez` Poll Result”

  • People can dream, i voted no, no matter how much we need him, how great he is, he just does not fit Marina Granovskia’s shopping list, to old, high wages, too healthy .

  • Poll was obviously hijacked, never going to happen. Utd sign Sanchez and we sign Carroll now there?s a headline to get your around.

  • Michael, lol, seriously man you keep going on about Marina. What power do you think this lawyer has??? I ask you did Roman tell her to get a S├ínchez at all costs with no limitations and she is refusing to do so???

  • As Roman?s lawyer who follows his rules and guidelines please explain as to how she can personally be at fault for any transfer business. Does Roman live in a box? Does he not tell her what he hasn?t liked from the past nor what he expects from the future??? To what advantage is it to her to undermine Roman if he gave her a supposed open check book, because if he has not why do you keep going on about her. Like I said elsewhere it is funny you think a lawyer has more power than her employer.

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