Date: 11th September 2018 at 7:21am
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Not too long ago in the not so very distant past, it was suggested that a round of Premier League games could be played out in the Far East.

The idea received short shrift from the football community and, as far as we know, was quickly shelved.

However, you get the impression that, with the modern game at the highest level awash with television money, it won’t be long before the idea rears its head again.

Meanwhile, lurking in the pages of the popular tabloid production, the Sun, is something equally as alarming.

According to our source, the final of a competition we’ve graced on two occasions, the Champions League, could be heading out of Europe.

Our referenced source is suggesting that as there are no confirmed venues for the final, after 2012, the final could be hosted by New York.

Now, to me, that reflects everything that is wrong with the modern game, a game that is far removed from the working class sport I grew up loving.

But, and this is where we are seeking your involvement, where does the suggestion sit with you?

Is it something you’d willingly agree to or, like me, do you have reservations?

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