Date: 5th December 2017 at 12:57pm
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When Neil Swarbrick sent Antonio Conte to the stands during the fixture against Swansea City, the crime the Italian was found guilty of was time-wasting.

Conte had simply grown weary of the amount of time that the visitors to Stamford Bridge were wasting.

As a result, Conte was subsequently charged by the authorities and is expected to cop for a fine somewhere in the region of £8,000.

The situation, got this inquisitive mind of mine thinking.

There`s no doubting that the game has changed significantly over the years, with some changes not being for the better.

Therefore, I thought it`d be the ideal opportunity to use our front-page poll to ask a very pertinent question.

I wanted to know – What annoys you most about the modern game?

Four options were left for you to choose from:

? Time wasting
? The huge influx of money
? Substitutions in stoppage time


? Shirt pulling in the box.

As it turns out, we had a clear winner with 50% of you opting for the huge influx of money option. The game being awash with money has, in my opinion, distanced itself from the working class. Is it really right when a player can earn a staggering £300,000 a week and billions are pumped into it purely to satisfy the armchair fan?

In second place with 32% of the votes cast, was the time wasting option, obviously something we all feel strongly about. I wonder how long a game would last if we were treated to an actual ninety minutes of football?

In joint third place, with 9% of the votes cast was shirt pulling in the box, something that goes on in every game but seems to be blatantly ignored by the officials, except for a rare outbreak of common sense every now and again.

Also with 9% of the vote was the bane of substitutions in stoppage time, or as it might also be known, blatant time wasting, outlaw it now I say!

If there are other things in the modern game that irk you, please feel free to drop an opinion in the comments facility beneath this article.

Our latest poll asks you to predict the outcome of the Champions League game against Atletico Madrid tonight.

Please use your vote wisely!

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