Date: 15th September 2017 at 2:46pm
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This morning, as the good folk of London prepared for another days` hard graft, a terror incident occurred.

On the District Line, somebody deemed it the sensible thing to do and left an ‘Improvised Incendiary Device` on a tube train.

The device failed to operate properly as the train approached Parsons Green, nevertheless, it would appear that a fireball erupted in the carriage and several people suffered burns as, naturally, panic ensued and everybody ran for the tube train exits.

Now Parsons Green is a station many a Chelsea fan will be familiar with, we`re all aware of the possibility of terror incidents but you never believe they`ll be this close to home.

At his pre-match press conference, ahead of the visit of Arsenal for a Premier League game this Sunday, Antonio Conte opened with a few words about the terror attack, remarking,

‘All our thoughts are for the people affected by the incident on the tube.

‘There is a great disappointment for this and a lot of the time we ask why? Why?’

Yes we do have to ask why but it`s a forlorn request, all we can do is be extra vigilant and take care.

Meanwhile, here at Vital Chelsea we`d like to send our best wishes to all those who were injured in the incident this morning, we hope you all get well soon.


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