Date: 2nd November 2017 at 8:05am
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According to Spanish news outlet Marca, Antonio Conte`s time at Chelsea is over.

They believe Roman Abramovich has made his mind up and decided to fire the Italian at the end of the season. They cite the strained relationship between the two men that has seen them barely speak for months.

Indeed, it’s true the Russian tycoon has very little patience when it comes to underperforming Chelsea teams. Historically he takes the view that the buck, very much stops with the manager. The clubs players are seen as a precious commodity that allows them the freedom to down tools at the drop of a hat. Abramovich must take the view that the eleven men who took to the field on Tuesday night were not able to motivate themselves to put in any sort of effort.

It’s almost as if the modern day footballer is an automaton that is simply programmed by the manager before the game to work to a game plan. The current crop of Chelsea players are unable to think for themselves. There are no leaders on that pitch. There`s no one capable of, in simple terms, giving the players a good kick up the backside when things are going wrong. No John Terry, no Frank Lampard, no Didier Drogba. It’s always down to the manager.

Maybe it’s why Antonio Conte is so animated on the sidelines. His flailing arms are like a kids hands on a PlayStation controller. His constant direction is overwhelming his team. Maybe the players react to Conte`s FIFA18 approach to management by allowing themselves to be controlled. Too much emphasis is on the manager and as a result the players switch off. They are willing to allow themselves to be controlled.

Much as Antonio Conte`s passion is to be admired, his modus operandi needs to calm down. Very rarely is he seated during a game. His constant prowling of his technical area puts the players at unease they are unable to cope with. They don`t feel the need to make any decisions for themselves because Conte is always there making them

My experience of ‘kids` football is that the more direction they are given, the less they ultimately listen. Watching some of Chelsea`s defending the other night was akin to watching ‘kids` football. At times players were just following the ball. Something that 10-year olds do.

Conte should give his instruction before the game on Sunday and then stay seated. We all love to see him crowd-surfing after a goal, of course we do, and in the good moments, he can celebrate as wildly as he likes.

But when it`s not going to plan, he has to have given the players on field the tools to be able to cope, to change the game plan to suit the needs. Conte`s time is half-time. The players must take more responsibility on the pitch during the game and Conte has to allow them to do so.

Sunday`s game will be nervy and edgy, we`ve already seen Jose`s tactic against the bigger teams. It`s one we`re all familiar with here. He`ll be setting his side up, to not lose. Whatever team Conte picks must adapt a style that is able to negate Jose`s negativity.

The feeling in football is that the result is everything, again something we`re all familiar with here. Stamford Bridge, at 4:30pm, needs to see a bit more. Those eleven players need to show unity and spirit, they need to fight for the supporters they so badly let down last Tuesday in Rome.

A defeat won`t be the end of the world for Chelsea Football Club, but for some of those that represent it, it may well be the beginning of the end for them.


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  • yea dat’s true he should always pass instruction to the players before game start and not on the pitch at game time

  • I agree with some of the points raised in this article. However, I completely disagree with your “no leader on the pitch; no JT, no Lampard, no Drogba” sentiment. It’s not like we never lost matches or sometimes looked miserable with those “leaders” on the pitch. We had Luiz, Cahill, Azpi and Hazard on the pitch yesterday, these guys won us the league last season. Hazard captains his national team. For some Chelsea fans, whenever we lose a match or play very poorly, it will always be because we don’t have JT, Lampard and Drogba anymore; “oh, the current players lack passion, they’re not fighters/leaders.” I don’t think the issue is lack of leaders, it has more to do with consistently playing the wrong system/formation. I’ll say it again, Spurs just dismantled Real Madrid with a bunch of kids. I didn’t see any Lampard, JT or Drogba kind of leaders in that Spurs team. Whereas, Madrid had leaders, warriors and winners such as Ronaldo, Ramos, Modeic, Kroos, Benzema, etc. You can have 11 leaders in your team, but if they’re not setup properly, they will get flogged by a team of unknown players with the right tactics/system. Didn’t Alonso look magnificent and in fact score 2 goals against the same Spurs that destroyed Madrid? When players are not setup properly on the pitch, they end up looking miserable and like they’re not playing with passion. Play Baka-Cesc 2-man midfield against Manutd on Sunday and I can guarantee you we’ll not win the match.

  • latunvic you have nailed it. got the whole point. The problem has been fielding wrong 11, week in week out.

  • Atimes I can’t but think that Conte has been showing too much respect to some players. They talk to the press, and immediately get selected even when it is very glaring they are underperforming.

  • Azpil is a leader, so is Tbo, but Cahill is not . I know some people want Conte out really badly, and his tactics and subs leave a lot to be desired of recent . But most of this group are the same ones who downed tools in 15/16, they should not be allowed to get away with this again, or they will do it to every manager they have a problem with .We have nursed a culture of player power for years, its time to end it .

  • I sincerely hope that things to degenerate to the extent that Conte get sacked. I think the Club/board/Roman will back him. Jose was sacked because he turned himself into a nuisance, not just because we’re losing games. Unless Conte continues with this madness of playing Baka-Cesc 2-man midfield or does something really unacceptable, I don’t see him getting sacked by Roman. @ Michael…, if it’s true that some players are intentionally undermining Conte’s effort (I don’t believe this one bit), then what better way for Conte to stamp his authority than to bench such players. If some players are performing poorly but yet continue to get selected, then Conte has no one to blame other than himself. He’s giving such players more power by playing them despite their poor performance/attitude. AC deserves to start games but Conte is refusing to trust him. Give Alonso some rest and let Kenedy start some games. Zappacosta looks like a very good RWB, I can’t understand why he was benched against Roma. We need to back Mitchy, he’s our best finisher… We need to change to a 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-2-3-1 or 3-5-2 formation. Bench Fabregas, and never play him in a 2-man midfield, we don’t need him to win games…

  • Problem with most Chelsea fans is they fall in love too soon with coaches and then act like jilted lovers once Roman realizes he had hired the wrong coach in the first place. Conte was too temperamental for even well run Juventus….where he was still winning. He will not last at Chelsea against an owner who doesn’t want to be challenged! After this summer’s tantrums Conte was a goner!

  • Blimey – I have been away for a while due to illness but am surprised at the knives out for the manager who won us the prem last season! – I agree with some of the comments I think he has to bench Fab and Baka (who I really hoped would give us something special this season) and we should remember we have been without our player of the season in Kante for 5-6 games losing a player of that magnitude will make things that much harder in any team let alone Chelsea. I hope he plays drinkwater and kante this Sunday and please drop Cahill who remains our weakest player by a wide margin

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