Date: 4th May 2006 at 4:24pm
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In the sixth of our series whereby we canvass opinions from the other Premiership editors, we interview the Newcastle Vital editor.

1. Has your season gone as expected?

As I hoped! We wanted Souness out as soon as possible, but it took the chairman a long, long time to move his arse. We were never going to win anything, and that is how it happened. Sunderland were relegated, as expected, so it wasn’t all bad.

2. What changes would you like to see made?

A new chairman and manager, and see what that brings. You have to start somewhere, and this is a big job.

3. Do you admire the way Mourinho has managed Chelsea?

I did at first, but he has turned into a right moaner. He is a good manager, you cannot deny that – but (although I don’t know him) he doesn’t seem to be a nice person.

4. Select a mixed Chelsea / Newcastle XI (Ratio 6:5 or 5:6)

I think John Terry and Joe Cole would get into our side. That’s about it mate. We are the mighty Magpies, the greatest team in the world. Oh yes … the best fans in the world and we see the funny side to everything.

5. Who would you prefer to sign – Terry or Lampard?

Terry, without doubt.

6. What would it mean for you to see Newcastle win a major honour?

Everything! I’ve never seen it happen. They won the Fairs Cup in 1969 in Budapest. I was too young to be there.

7. Should Abramovich speak out more or is the silent way the best?

He speaks Russian – would you understand him? I wouldn’t.

8. Is our bad media image a result of being successful?

No – because Chelsea were unpopular LONG before you were successful. That’s just the attitude Mourinho has invented. He has nothing to do with it … although I’m sure he would love to think he was.

9. Facilities ? St James Park or Stamford Bridge?

Stamford Bridge is not a patch on St James … and I AM being serious when I say that! The view at Chelsea is shocking for away fans, and the Bridge has been a building site since our visit in the League Cup back in the early 1990s. Yet nowt seems to get done. Have you got the Council doing the job for you?

10. Biggest gripe about Chelsea?

No gripe at all, to be honest. I’d like to see them win the Champions League, as I would any English club.

Our thanks go to the Newcastle Vital editor for sparing the time to answer our questions.

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