Date: 26th October 2018 at 12:56pm
Written by:

Regular visitors to this site might be pondering where I’ve been.

After all, the last time an article was posted it was some ten days ago with it being the eve of my sons’ wedding in Montego Bay, Jamaica.

I thought I had all angles covered, lazy mornings by the pool tapping away on my trusty lap-top and keeping you up to date with all things Chelsea news and views and then lazing on the beach supping on cocktails in the afternoon.

What I hadn’t catered for was that same old trusty lap-top going wrong.

The first signs that, perhaps, all was not well with my constant companion came when numbers started appearing amidst the letters I was typing.

Soon, not only were these numbers becoming more prominent, but certain letter keys weren’t working either.

But, the final straw came when I tried to access the internet and only a few letters actually worked, well five at the last count.

So, I was stranded some 5000 miles away on an idyllic island but with no access to Vital Chelsea or the internet.

The only sports news I could access came through CNN Sports News, but details were very vague.

But, now I’m back and eager to press on, so stay tuned, normal service will now be resumed.

As for the referenced wedding, it went very well and I we now have a daughter-in-law added to the family.

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