Date: 22nd October 2017 at 11:17am
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It`s an intriguing question that we`re hoping will spark a debate.

Currently, Chelsea, according to our figures, have a staggering 35 players out on-loan.

Those 35 players are scattered throughout Europe and also the English leagues.

In a way, having so many players on our books that are in fact out on loan, makes a mockery of the suggestion that our squad is too thin, even more so when the likes of Kurt Zouma and Tammy Abraham are playing starring roles in the Premier League.

But, filling in the background a bit more, the question we`ve posed comes from some comments that have appeared in the Evening Standard, that are attributed to the former Bayern Munich and Manchester United midfielder, Owen Hargreaves.

Talking about Chelsea`s use of the loan system, Hargreaves has remarked,

“They shouldn`t be allowed to have 35 players on loan – the Premier League shouldn`t allow it.

“Those players should be at small teams that need quality offensive players, they should play there full time.

“I know they get say £20,000-a-week at Chelsea some of these young kids, but it is not beneficial for their career.

“How many of those kids do you never really hear from? Marko van Ginkel, how many times has he been on loan? He`s been there for about five years and he`s been on loan about four.

“They shouldn`t be able to accumulate that many players and have them on loan, I just don`t agree with it, I think the Premier League should find a way to affect that, I don`t think it is right.”

Has Hargreaves got a point or do you believe Chelsea are taking full advantage of the system?

Your views in our comments facility beneath this article would be most welcome.

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9 Replies to “Are Chelsea Abusing the Loan System?”

  • Inasmuch as this is coming from someone who probably doesn’t like us, I am afraid I have to agree with him. I think the purpose of loan is to develop the players in other teams so that they can have impact later. But how many of loan soldiers (Save Christensen) have been able to come back and do great with us?

  • Chelsea see as a way to insert their ‘agents’ into opposing teams, obviously under Premier League rules they can’t play against us but can influence results against our competitors. It’s all part of Roman’s grand plan to take over the League and with it civilisation. The next Bond film, From Russia With Bruv aka Michael Emanalo, is based around it all.

  • Attorney to players! The defender of the defenceless! Owen Hangreaves! These young players are not complaining albeit a few who sincerely wish for a chance to wear the blue badge stating their frustrations of it not coming quicker, a lot more kids are ever willing to join if they get the call, why exactly is Owen crying for them? Mancity has 28 but Chelsea is Owen’s headache… Typical manure *****! Thibaut Courtiois, Andres Christiansen are results! If we can get one or two out of every 38 then please let’s increase it to 76 and damn Hangreaves and his likes

  • Its coincidental that Phil Neville and Nicky Butt also came out a day before Hargreaves , Neville even demanded that we shut down our academy . Or better yet they can **** off and worry about their own team .

  • I watched Hargreaves last night. His argument was all over the place. He complained about Chelsea sending players out on loan but also said if 18/19/20 year olds don’t get regular game time in proper competitive league football they will fade away and never make it. So Chelsea send Tammy Abraham, RLC and numerous others out on loan to get regular game time but Hargreaves still complains. Realistically Abraham would only get a few minutes here and there if he stayed at Chelsea. He plays every week at Swansea. Exactly what Hargreaves wants but he complains Chelsea have sent him on loan.

  • It’s obvious most United legends have an unhealthy obsession with Chelsea. But who exactly cares about what Hargreaves, Neville think

  • I beg to disagree that Courtois was a loan success. The guy was doing great at Gent. We didn’t send him out to gain experience. We sent him there because we could not afford to have 2 very good goalkeepers in a team at a time. If not for Cech, TC would have walked into our team as at then.

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