Date: 10th January 2019 at 4:50pm
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Navid Deen returns with a very interesting article.

With all of this talk about Callum Hudson-Odoi allegedly having had his head turned by the fluttering eyelids of Bayern Munich, I have been wracking my mind about possible outcomes.

If as reported, CHO wants to leave because he wants more playing time, then surely we are already on the road to feeding his hunger by starting him in the last two games.

On Wednesday against Tottenham, he showed glimpses of what he has to offer.

Now I have vast experience of watching Chelsea and football in general. Hudson-Odoi certainly has a spark about him. He has potential and Bayern are looking to turning that potential into something genuinely world class. Many a potential footballing star has diminished as quickly as it rose into the skies.

I like Callum Hudson-Odoi, I like him a lot!!

I want him to succeed but obviously, I want him to succeed at Chelsea. Selfish? Yes probably, but as a Chelsea fan since 1965, why would I want one of our brightest youngsters to succeed elsewhere.

One might argue that I should think of him as an asset and money-spinning asset at that but no, I think of all that Chelsea FC has done to nurture him, develop him and put him in a position where he is currently the most talked about youngster in England. He is our asset and he SHOULD have a moral obligation to pay back some of the dedicated effort that Chelsea have placed in his development.

But I know that such a notion is frowned upon nowadays as being out of touch with the new world.

I cannot accept this. Chelsea supporters have stood firmly against everything including the depths of despair when we were relegated and often ridiculed because of our more recent successes on the field.

Bayern to my mind have tapped up Callum and of course, real football transaction of players cannot take place without some form of tapping up.

But Callum is 18-years-old. A young famous man and developing quickly. But he is not the finished article and he like all of us does not know what the future holds. He could go to Bayern and become successful or he could flop (I doubt the latter though).

The one thing is assured, that if he stayed with Chelsea we the fans would love his decision and adore him for years to come. If he were to go, we would respect his decision and wonder what might have been.

If he flops, he, in turn, might regret the day he left Chelsea and wonder what might have been.

One thing is certain, the Chelsea fans would never have deserted him. Our legends are ingrained in our folklore and that is what Chelsea offers him. If after considering all this, he still decides to leave then so be it.

No player is bigger than my beloved Chelsea FC.

If he decides to leave, then Chelsea need to play Bayern at their own game. They clearly want him but how far are they prepared to go.

Chelsea have a list of striker option that they are desperate to sign. I have suggested playing Ruben Loftus-Cheek up front with Hazard and CHO on either side of him but another unfortunate injury to RLC has thrown that out of the equation. I have also suggested Arnautovic or even Vardy as alternatives.

So we are reportedly looking at Callum Wilson and Higuain among others. The striker most suited to our style of play is Aguero but there is little chance of getting him. Maybe even Alexis Sanchez? My preference would be Icardi as I cannot see the sense in buying an over 30-year-old forward for £50 million when Icardi at 25 offers twice as much potential in every sense.

But if we are looking for a player that draws the defenders towards him more like a target man, holds up the ball and makes passing look easy then I would suggest an alternative. Never a phrase (kill two birds with one stone) seem so apt for what I am about to suggest.

Let’s agree to Bayern taking Callum Hudson-Odoi IN RETURN for Robert Lewandowski. Lewandowski has it all and is still younger than both Higuain and Cavani.

In my opinion, it’s the perfect swap and not something that Bayern would like at all.

Our City, Our Club, Our Academy Star, Our Future Star

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36 Replies to “Bayern Munich Want One Of Ours, We Need One Of Theirs, Let’s Talk”

  • you guys think its fair to exchange lewi for cho? one is worth 100 million and the other is worth 20 million tops right now?
    we are already over paying you by 20 million for him because the media found out about our pursuit of him. be happy and take it. he wont sign a new contract with you so you don’t have a leg to stand on.

    • Yeah man unbelievable, if they dont want to swop for malcom then atleast sell for more cash , Willian is getting old and doesnt cut the grade anymore, the chelsea board are really baffling. Wont buy over 30 players on long term contracts/ big money etc but refusing to sell one of theirs when a generous offer comes their way, the board is BS!

  • Okay, you’re saying you want Robert Lewandowski, arguably one of the best strikers in the world, for Callum Hudon-Odoi, a young player yet to even regularly display performances as good as Lewandowski on a bad day. You want a world class, international star, for a player who made his first start for the team August of 2018. The only word that comes to mind is bizarre. Lewandowski is still, I would say, in his prime. To say that these two players are anything near a fair trade is ridiculous.

  • This guy Navid rerurns with an interesting article? , laughable, hype , any chelsea fan would have suggested a swop deal including lewa, but in reality its a dream, an unknown for a superstar , sheesh i think bayern and CHO are getting ahead of themselves, the boy needs to prove himself for a season and if bayern were to buy will prob loan him out for a season at dortmund.

  • You are an idiot . CHO for Lewa ??? Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… wait , Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha… Bayern will sign CHO and your beloved Chelsea FC will get absolutely nothing (well ,may be Wagner ? Or Boateng ?) in return .

    • Stone_kraken. The whole point of the article is that Bayern would not sell Lewa. The article says quite clearly who I think we should be going for to suit our style of play and it is NOT Lewa.

      Just as you do not want to sell Lewa we do not want to sell CHO.

      I hope this clears up the matter for you.

      See, I can respond to you without the need to call you names!!

  • You are struggling for nothing. A battle already lost.
    What Bayern wants..Bayern gets..Bayern is the red best footballing team in the World. .richer than chelsea
    Strikes more chords than chelsea. .invokes fear and terror to whoever they play..including I know what it means for Odoi to wear a bayern Jersey ? Come home to visit his family in England and is being pointed out as a bayern star ??? The hype amongst his mates ??? Gaddemit.
    He is fine..just accept my condolences.
    I am a munchener a UCL CUP 5 star champion. soon to be 6 star. You know Liverpool Don’t stand a chance in Help come February.
    Don’t take that away from Odoi
    Respect !!!!

    • Hello Patrick. I have no problem with accepting that Bayern are a great club with a footballing history. This is fact so why would anyone wish to deny it. Indeed you had one of Chelsea’s greats playing for you until only recently. Yes, Robben was also a firm favourite of ours.

      I don’t take these things personally. It is all banter between fans. There should be no malice.

      If you get Hudson-Odoi, then good luck to you. It will be our loss and your gain. These things happen but until it does, we hope that it doesn’t.

      However, I do not accept that Bayern “invokes fear and terror to whoever they play..including Chelsea”.

      Let’s not forget 1999 when with only two minutes to go one of greatest Bayern teams lost to Manchester United in the final of the Champions League.

      Oh and in 2012 Champions League Final, we were taunted about coming to your city, your stadium and your cup.

      Problem was that Chelsea came, won and took the cup home.

      These things happen in football and a little bit of humility goes a long way.

      I hope you continue to do well, except of course if you are playing Chelsea.

      Good luck my friend.

    • Dp you think as it stands Bayern have a chance against the hottest front line in European football at the moment …hellno

      Beyern will lost on the both legs …mark my word and its going to be with a larger margin than expected …tho am a die hard blue fan by blood

  • It would be nice having lewy with us but at the same time CHO is our brightest prospect at the moment so we must not let him go

  • KCG, Stoned, and other fans that are commenting negatively, if Bayern Munich are surrounded with world class players then why coming for our Raw CHO? Just keep your world-class Lewy and we will keep our Raw CHO. Remember we once beat you in 2012 in your own stadium, I promise you that we are going to beat you again on CHO’s case. He will commit himself on a very long contract at Chelsea Fc.

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