Date: 24th May 2006 at 7:45am
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In the latest in our Under the Spotlight series, we feature one of our regular readers and massive Chelsea supporter, Blind Jak.

1. Earliest Chelsea memory?

Living close to the ground I could hear when Chelsea scored on a quiet Saturday afternoon from an early age and I also remember going with my mates to the ivy covered membership office to become a member for the first time.

2. Favourite Chelsea game and why?

The Liverpool 4-2 in the 4th round of the cup in ’97 springs to mind. To see
such totally contrasting Chelsea teams in each half and the shell shocked look
on the players and fans faces was a delight.

3. Best Chelsea X1?

Being too young to see the 60’s/70’s sides it’s heavily skewed to the recent
teams. Cech, Bridge, Gallas, Terry, Ferrer , Cole, Lampard, Wise, Nevin,
Zola and Dixon

4. Favourite away ground and why?

The Millennium Stadium is one of the best I’ve been to not just for its final
connotations but it’s slap bang in the centre of town which is great for boozing
and it’s also brilliantly designed. I just hope Wembley is half as good.

5. Least favourite away ground and why?

Highbury. The number of times I’ve walked away from there feeling robbed or
humbled doesn’t bare thinking about.

6. Opinion of Roman?

What he’s done for us is fantastic and I could not be more thankful.

7. Who’ll be our nearest rivals next season and why?

I reckon the red bin dippers. Their defence is very good and if they can sign
two halfway decent strikers and add a little more speed in midfield they will be
able to add more goals which should turn a few draws into wins. If you take away their shaky start to this season then they have been pretty strong.

8. Champions League or Premiership main target for next season?

Still the Premiership for me. Particularly as it would make it a very rare three in a row.

9. Favourite all time player and why?

Still Pat Nevin. For the simple reason that he was my boyhood hero and his skill stood out in a rather workman like team.

10. Best thing the club could change at Stamford Bridge?

Ticket prices. I know that if the club wants to run as a self sufficient
business it can’t be giving seats away but £50 a game? Who but the well off can afford that on a regular basis?

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