Date: 13th November 2018 at 5:09pm
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In March next year, unless there is a dramatic change in events and a second referendum is forthcoming, the UK will leave the EU.

What happens when that happens, with regards to the effect it will have on the Premier League remains to be seen.

I’m guessing, lurking in the background somewhere is an elite committee that are mulling over ideas, problems, solutions and such like.

Today, as I flicked through the media looking for a debatable topic, I noticed something in the top-end publication, the Times, which was breaking the story that come Brexit the Football Association are preparing to limit the number of overseas players Premier league clubs can have in their squads.

According to our source, clubs will be limited to just 12 overseas players in their 25-man squads.

If that is the case, it remains to be seen how the top-teams in the Premier League, who have squads awash with overseas talent cope.

There could be some interesting times ahead.

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3 Replies to “Brexit Could Mean All Change In The Premier League”

  • Big mistake. English Premier league will be very weak in Europe and no club in UK will win champions league or Europa league again. People around the world will lose the taste of good epl football and will look elsewhere for football entertainment hence revenues from football games will go down.

    The England national team will be weak too and will never again win World Cup even Europa league. Think twice before you dig your own grave in football circles. It’s really a pity.

  • thats ridiculous,but we and the powers that be at the premier league can only imagine the situation on how it would be,i think the quality will certainly reduce and if the sponsorship reduces due to reduction on viewers,then the premier league will become like a sunday league…

  • Merlin you need to study the proposed terms of Brexit, in regards to future employment of non UK Nationals. If an employer can show that the proposed employee possesses a skill level higher than what is available among domestic candidates, a work permit will be granted. So in fact what it will do is block the influx of mediocre foreign players but leave open the possibility of real quality performers being signed. And both of these are surely good things. The only problem may be that skill level is a very subjective call.
    One other point is restraint of trade, the big clubs will happily go to court to fight any attempt to impose Government quotas on them so be sure a compromise will be found.

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