Date: 17th April 2017 at 11:05am
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Trailing 1-0 and on the evidence of the first-half display Chelsea gave at Old Trafford yesterday, getting back into the game was always going to be a hard task.

Starting the second half, Chelsea needed to make significant improvements to their play and hope to get back on level terms and move on from there.

But, as we all now know, it wasn`t to be.

Just four minutes into the second-half, Chelsea conceded a second goal when Manchester United`s Spanish midfielder, Ander Herrera, saw his low shot deflect off the heel of Kurt Zouma and beat Asmir Begovic.

However, hidden amongst the calamity was something akin to a school-boy error made by somebody who should know better.

In the action that preceded the goal, Jesse Lingard had been knocked to the floor.

However, instead of letting the player get back to his feet by his own accord Gary Cahill took his eyes of the action to help the forward to his feet.

In doing so the focus on what was happening in defence was temporarily lost and the next thing Cahill knew the onion bag was rustling and the game was lost.

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7 Replies to “Cahill`s Schoolboy Error”

  • Cahill has explained this. He thought Lingard was trying to buy a penalty so he was basically saying “get up, you fell over”. The optics looked terrible though.

  • is a cahil even a gud defender? I can’t wait 4 dis season 2b over so we get rid of dis guy. I so much dislike d guys football. he runs around wit bag of mistake al under his legs and brain. d guy is pain.

  • He never stopped being a school boy defender, when you think Cahill should be growing up he will show you more reasons he can never stop being average… The first through pass between Cahill and Luiz was begging desperately for a slide from either boys but they were too schoolboyed to pick the danger… Not even the fact Cahill nearly scored an own goal!

  • @Timi Ramsey – I dislike your illiterate manner of “speaking”, almost as much as you dislike Cahill. You sound a proper fool. We don’t have a more senior in-form defender, at the moment. (we saw what happened the last 2 times Terry took the pitch)

  • @solid7 u dnt need 2 b personal wit ur words, am jas tryin 2 say hw tinz ar. am not sayin we should play terry coz we don’t av any gud defender. apart frm zouma and mayb Luiz. conte is doing a great job wit dis defence. imagine life witout cahil, I can tell cahil has been victim of mostly all our dropped points against swansea away, arsenal, liverpool and many mor. am jas sayin we are on d edge wit him.

  • @solid7, you are a bigger illiterate than timi……. you claim to know all even when you know nothing….. he was only trying to state the obvious which is a glaring fact. go get a life azzhole

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