Date: 9th August 2019 at 2:49pm
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On transfer deadline, perhaps the move that shocked the Chelsea support the most was the sudden departure of David Luiz.

As we reported earlier, on transfer deadline day, chelsea-stunned-by-latest-transfer-development, the 32-year-old Brazilian left Stamford Bridge and joined Arsenal.

Following the move, it has been interesting to see how the Chelsea support has reacted to the sale.

It appears there is no sitting on the defence, you either sit in the camp that implies the defender just had to be sold or in the camp that can’t quite understand why he, so close to the transfer deadline, opted for such a dramatic decision.

However, the purpose of this article isn’t to debate whether it was a good decision by Frank Lampard or a bad one, although please feel free to do so in our comment facility beneath this article if you wish to.

The crux of this article is to simply point out that following the departure of David Luiz we now, no longer, have anyone in the playing squad who was on the pitch on that memorable night, in the Allianz Arena, when we strode into Bayern Munich’s backyard and became the first London club to win the Champions League.

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6 Replies to “Chelsea – And Then There Were None”

  • I am not sorry to see Luiz go, we have better options. That said, with the quick change of mind over Tomori’s loan spell suggesting Chelsea were totally unaware, this certainly was a surprise. Could Luiz have been tapped up by his ex manager, I wonder!

  • Maybe you could just read the news, and see that everyone is on record as having said that there was a discussion about his future – “everyone” being player, manager, club. And that he left on good terms. A thinking man might even consider that with DD having left, there is a homegrown player dilemma, and another Academy player needed to be slotted. Don’t let that get in the way of sensationalism, or fueling your mental soap opera, though…

  • Lampard made a very big mistake to let leadership of luiz leave, I guess it was issue of Jersey Numbers, luiz wanted 4 but was given 30 and was shown no respect by the manager

    • Back to this level of debate again, no wonder this site has gone to the dogs!! Good luck Solid getting your views across, these boys are going to put you in a mental institution.

  • @cosmas mulwa muia – do you really have such a simplistic view of the world, or is that just the kind of thing that would get you, personally, butthurt enough to leave? I swear to God, half of our fans can’t read. They’ll believe in wild, speculative transfer rumours that never come to pass, but can’t accept the official story of a player departure, in which both player and manager are on record, as being in agreement on. (and it wasn’t about a jersey number) SMH. Do we have any fans that are older than 6 years of age? If we do, it’s really hard to tell…

  • The truth on DL leaving will be somewhere between the official version and the speculation as neither Frank, nor David will have been 100% open about their real thoughts to each other, cos that’s what you do in negotiations, keep a little back as a trump. Not saying either was lying, just holding a few bits in reserve. I honestly think that the outcome suits both parties well, David in the short term and the club in the medium to long term.

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