Date: 6th December 2017 at 9:27am
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So, Chelsea came second in their Champions League group, to Roma who have gone on to gain the joys and ease of passage to next the round that the media clearly want us to believe.

The focus of that anti-Chelsea attention following the point gained at Stamford Bridge last night, is the fact that Chelsea`s next round opponents will most likely be one of PSG, Barcelona, or Besiktas.

Those will be tough games no doubt, but, what else should you expect in the last sixteen of the world`s premier cup club competition. Of course, had Chelsea won the group, victory in the round of sixteen would have been so much easier, you`d think. After all, we`d only have have to face the teams that came second in their respective groups.

The media hacks clearly think that coming up against one of Bayern Munich, Real Madrid or Juventus would be an easier ride. Surely the headline is,

`Chelsea Avoid Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Juventus`

But instead all we here is ‘Chelsea`s failure to top their CL group means they could face Bayern Munich or Barcelona in the next round.`

Okay, winning the group could have seen us also have the chance of drawing (as it stands) FC Basel, Sevilla, Shakhtar Donetsk, or Porto as well as the three European giants mentioned. But, the odds of us getting any of the so called smaller teams wherever we finished are pretty even.

Stats wise, in Champions League history Chelsea`s record is,

⦁ Played 12
⦁ Won 4
⦁ Drawn 5
⦁ Lost 3

Paris St Germain
⦁ Played 8
⦁ Won 2
⦁ Drawn 3
⦁ Lost 3

Chelsea have only come against Besiktas once in the group stage of the competition, Chelsea lost 2-0 at home whilst completing a 2-0 win in against the Turks in a game played in Germany (because of a recent bombing in Istanbul) to top their group back in 2003. Chelsea have played PSG and Barcelona twenty times since 2000 and have lost just six games on the night.

Had we won the group, we`ve not played the other three big teams that often, PSG and Barcelona are our teams. In total against Real Madrid (we`ve never played them in the CL), Bayern (we have played them, remember), and Juventus, the total games played is 8, we`ve won 3, drawn 2 and lost 3.

You can use stats to make a case for whether topping the group or coming second is better, ultimately it makes no difference. Chelsea can beat any of the teams they are likely to be drawn against on any given night, the same as they could lose to them.


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  • You can say this is a fact,but am not really convinced.I am not happy with our dismal display,1 with bakayoko hes really too soft and hope he ll come good like yaya toure.2 morata needs to work on his fitness he falls too easily thats why most times i wish we still had diego but it is what it is. If we avoid psg and barca i ll be more glad but you cant win the champions league without facing the best.

  • Personally I never been a fan of avoiding any opponents. If we win we win if not we don?t. Bring on Barca in round of 16, I will actually enjoy the challenge. Always thought it was funny how people actually enjoy and hope to avoid any A level teams all till the final.

  • We are going to get PSG, id prefer Barca, but whatever if we had won we could have had RM or Bayern. The thing i hate about PSG is Neymar and his dirty sidekick Alves, if anyone looks at Neymar he falls down like he has been shot, both of them are always trying to get players red carded .

  • Hazard said we are Chelsea it doesn’t matter we will play anyone if he’s happy who are we to be concerned they will want to avoid is just as much

  • Ha ha and Cahill said he hopes we avoid PSG and Barca,what a captain . I agree with Hazard, on this, but i get a particular thrill from beating Barca .The clashes between them and our old team were epic, if we get a decent ref we could beat them .

  • Let?s be honest it?s not the scenario we hoped for, on the night we were not good enough. All we can do is wish for a kind draw, the reality is PSG or Barcelona awaits us. Start praying for a miracle.

  • I don?t wish for a ?kind draw?, don?t care who we play, I am happy to support my team. If we do get Barca, it will actually be more exciting.

  • I agree with @pavel very much. For me though, I will prefer a PSG draw, will be fun to see how we perform against loop sided team who is very strong in attack but bang mediocre in the midfield and defence. I thought Bayern beat them relatively easily yesterday and pretty showed the blueprint of how to play against this current PSG team. To add, I am not even sure PSG can add to their squad in January as they are already walking a thin line with regards ro FFP. I cant wait for Monday’s draw to be honest…

  • Yeah that?s kind of embarrassing from Cahill. Love Hazards attitude. Seriously if we want to think we are a big club we need to start acting like it. Just as much some might want to avoid big teams, other big teams should also not be celebrating they are playing us. Need more attitude like Hazard. We are Chelsea and are scared of nobody, and can beat anyone on any given day. I am not here to watch CFC to have an easy road like PSG or Bayern in their domestic leagues, I love the excitement of competition.

  • Cannot imagine Terry ever saying anything like that. I hope for Barca, we had some magical and horrific games with them. We used to even have a rivalry .As to PSG Neymar and Alves are the two biggest cheats on the planet, always trying to get players sent off (Not that Barca are clean as a whistle, Busquets hits the turf easily also). We would we wise to avoid playing Bakayoko, he would be a red card in waiting .

  • Bring them on, PSG, Barcelona. We can beat any team. For me Chelsea is stronger now than 2012 when we won the champions league.

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