Date: 18th December 2018 at 4:56pm
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At the moment, there appears to be a witch hunt as far as the Chelsea support goes.

Now I’m not condoning recent events that have, courtesy of a small minority of the support, seen our club thrust into the media spotlight for all the wrong reasons, but it does seem to be us and us only that all the focus is being centered on.

A typical example being the lack of action against the female Liverpool supporter who, on Sunday, against Manchester United, leapt from her seat some three rows back to hurl a barrage of verbal abuse in the direction of the Manchester United player, Ashley Young.

The calls for a lip-reader to be brought in to analyse exactly what she said have been noticeable by their silence.

As a result of the Raheem Sterling and the MOL Vidi incidents, the media pack have been scouring the streets, the public transport system and the public houses around the grounds desperately trying to keep feeding the fire. They’re desperate to keep this one bubbling along, desperate to continue to besmirch the good name of Chelsea Football Club, the West London upstarts who disrupted the equilibrium the likes of Manchester United and Arsenal had established before Roman Abramovich took over.

Now, as I mentioned before, I’m not condoning the actions of those already in the spotlight but merely asking for a level playing field when it comes to other clubs transgressing the borders established by the politically correct brigade.

However, on the back of the recent media scrummage, the news source, Times, are reporting that Chelsea intend to pursue another course of action to stem the flow of unacceptable behaviour.

Down at Brighton, on Sunday, our chairman, Bruce Buck, was noticeable by his presence, before the game, outside the away end asking for the travelling support to abide by the guidelines relating to decency, it was a ploy that worked with the media having nothing to feed upon.

However, our aforementioned source is reporting that Chelsea are to take further steps to eliminate the recent stains on their copybook by banning supporters guilty of offensive behaviour that takes place outside the ground, cue images of plain-clothes club officials prowling the streets around SW6 gathering evidence.

A necessity or is it all over the top?

Your views on the subject matter would be greatly appreciated in our comments facility beneath this article.

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