Date: 3rd August 2018 at 2:15pm
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To put it mildly, it hasn’t, so far, been the most productive of summer transfer windows for Chelsea Football Club.

At a time when, after missing out on Champions League football last season, it’s plainly obvious the squad needs strengthening, we’ve brought in just the one big-name buy, Jorginho.

Instead of adding to the squad, we’ve been fretting for weeks about the possibility that we could lose more players than we buy with the futures of Eden Hazard, Thibaut Courtois and N’Golo Kante all generating numerous column inches.

But, looking on the bright side, there are still six days to go before the summer transfer window does close and there is still the opportunity for the club to make an impact in the market.

Today, according to the popular tabloid publication, the Mirror, Chelsea are linked with the possible acquisition of the Crystal Palace player, Wilfried Zaha.

After a disappointing spell at Old Trafford, with a big-money move not working out, the 25-year-old returned to Selhurst Park and has rebuilt his career to dramatic effect.

According to our quoted source, Zaha has told his team-mates he is ready to leave the club and wishes to try his luck, again, at a big club.

Seemingly, ourselves and Tottenham Hotspur are in the running for the exciting forward and it remains to be seen which of the two London clubs if at all, are successful.

However, pondering over the speculation, here at Vital Chelsea, we cannot help but think that instead of Zaha being added to the squad, could well be lined up as a direct replacement for Eden Hazard.

Is that a common train of thought amongst the Vital Chelsea fraternity or am I alone in thinking along those lines?

Please feel free to air your views in the comments facility beneath this article, they’d be most welcome.


27 Replies to “Chelsea Looking To Replace Hazard With Another Premier League Star Inference”

  • I think if we get zaha, he’d be played as a striker or false 9 and that would be a good signing, I don’t see him as a direct replacememt of hazard

  • I know Zaha is a great guy and will spice Chelsea attack for sure… But to replace Hazard, Just doesn’t fit. Hazard is simply Hazardous. With Hazard, Chelsea remains a threat to any team in the world..

  • Getting Zaha would be a good signing, he could suit false 9 or real 9 more appropriately as I believe he is good at one-on-one. I want to believe that he is not a replacement because Chelsea cannot afford to sell Hazard now, big club remain big by adding to their strong players not selling them. But however how good Hazard is he can’t be in top form (100%) through out the season. Sometimes Zaha may come in as a substitute also.

  • hazard is far better than zaha, in my view I think zaha is better added to the squad than replace hazard

    • Comment honestly speaking zaha is a tallented player in english premire league club l.its a well come idea

    • Comment honestly speaking zaha is a tallented player in english premire league club .its a well come idea

  • Zaha almost single handed saved palace last season there is no way he would come here to sit on the bench or be a squad player he’s too good it’s as simple as that we would have to guarantee him a place and I couldn’t blame him can’t see us getting him or any high profile player time is running out I personally would have gone for martial but whereas they get our players and we sell they won’t reciprocate we are mugs they all play hardball and we put up with it

  • Zaha is a good choice for Chelsea but not a wise decision for substituting Hazard. Hazard is just a hazardous.

  • Let’s say Zaha should replace Willian and not Hazard. Just imagine the combination of the two. one on the left hand side and the other on the right hand side of the three attackers with Morata or Michi B. completing the attack. It will be amazing and fun fun fun fun…… fun as Sarri called it.

  • for me I prefer him dan Ramsey please Chelsea should sign players before the beginning of the season Zaha is a great player

  • It is unfortunate we the Chelsea fans across the globe are most likely to endure a mother season of disappointment over our club’s inability or nonchalance towards buying a prolific striker. Is the club this broke ? Who’s gonna give us the goals ? Morata or Zaha ? We have already planned to fail, so I’m sorry for Sarri who will bear the brunt at last. I’m getting tired of being a fan to mediocre club that will always contend with just being in the premier league of late. It’s a shame. I call on Dangote of Nigeria to go buy Chelsea fc from Abramovich.

    • I am so sorry that you are tired of supporting Chelsea. The good news is that we don’t need you so go somewhere else!!

  • So Mike Nebo is ” getting tired of being a fan to mediocre club”.
    Talk about plastic fans & Glory Hunters- we don’t need so called fans like you Mike, only respect for this site stops me telling you what you really are

  • Hazard remain Hazard my opinion
    The money to spend on Zaha should be Chanel to have faith with Hazard I can’t af to see Hazard leave chelsea fc

  • Hazard play really good,but what about commitment ,he is not committed now and his heart is not with Chelsea,Zaha on the other hand is a complete striker who can dribble juggle,pass accurately create chances,has the physical capability and of coz runs quite good,he fits the bill Bring him home today.

    Hazard should be given time to go where his heart is for now but am sure he will not outdo Bale or Asensio on the flanks and he should remember to bargain for a buy back clause in his release.

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