Date: 6th June 2018 at 5:02pm
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Speculation doing the rounds, as headed up by the news source, the Express, suggests that the Frenchman, Laurent Blanc, is set to become the new head-coach at Chelsea Football Club.

Although Antonio Conte is, officially, still the man in charge, it would appear the end is nigh for the Italian.

Our source is reporting that Blanc has held further talks with Chelsea officials over the last couple of days.

Continuing, it’s suggested that one major problem, namely who would be Blanc’s right-hand man, has been concluded.

Throughout his career, Blanc, in all his managerial posts, has been assisted by Jean-Louis Gasset.

However, Gasset is currently in charge of Saint-Etienne and has no intention of leaving his post.

To that effect, Blanc has, according to our aforementioned source, opted to bring the former Marseille and Lille coach, Franck Passi, with him, if the negotiations reach a satisfactory conclusion.

If Blanc is indeed the man for the job, it’ll be interesting to see how he adapts to the Premier League.

The former French international centre-back has limited experience of top-flight football in England, having played for Manchester United, for a short period of time.

To me, it’s one of those appointments that leave you fearing the worst, it’ll either be a roaring success of a dismal failure, I can’t see it hitting any middle ground, it is just a gut feeling I have.

But what’s your view on the possibility of Laurent Blanc succeeding Antonio Conte?

Does it make you smile or frown?

Please feel free to leave your views in the comments facility beneath this article.


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    • The Chelsea boss should be patient on replacing conte instead concentrate on the players bring good players on

  • Blanc better option than Louis Enrique and Chelsea FC will be better off having him as manager.

  • Too much of every thing has a negative result. The constant changes of coaches in Chelsea is not the best way to go. I don’t see Blanc performing better than Conte. Conte is a better coach.

    • Yes Conte is a better and more expierienced manager..and already paid for??He won the league last year and FA this year ..our player buying hasnt been in line with the other big clubs..the boys have done the best they can considering..Get Marina out of there and give the coach more say in player buying and exudus..

      • Conte did his best in the two last seasons. What Chelsea board thinks a coach can do? Some clubs have not taken any trophy but maintain their on merit of performing well. Come Chelsea. says:

        Conte is the best. We saw what he did in last two seaso

      • my brother Peter Georgiou, I solidly agreed with you. Let’s face the fact, Chelsea board are the back bone of the club’s problems. The hire a coach and allows him with no say in the dealings of the club’s buying n selling of players. How can you wake up one morning n hear dat d material which u plan to use has been sold by one who contracted u? then now went n bought another tool not at d full quality of d one he sold n told u to manage it.
        The board values player more than a coach . They will gang up n start losing games for the manager to be sacked, and that they will get.
        The way out is to let the Manager have a say as to who will be bought n sold, get quality players, and avoid dancing to tune of the player. Even though coaches make mistake as well but it doesn’t require him to be punished by showing him out of the door, of course dat u know is even handing more power to players to ride d manager. Pls the sacking today, hire tomorrow will make good managers not come to Chelsea as their stay won’t be guaranteed .it’s time d stepped up n stop this mess. What would you say to a coach who has tactics n is willing to die for the club.

      • now to add to this chelsea must buy great players and try to beat other teams for players

  • If the conclusion was drawn for conte to go,i n agreement ,I think he is a good replacement. Thanks.
    But I must suggeste that conte should be given another chance. Thank you.

  • Certainly it upsets me that Chelsea would even consider Blanc when Luis Enrique is winner several times over!!

  • Following the recent heat in Premier League, Enrique will be able to face the heat more. He coached a team that was always at war with Real Madrid. While in Premier League, the war is between about six teams. Enrique is more proper. French League and Spanish League are a bit far apart in comparison.

    • I think blanc can do well at Chelsea he won 3 ligue1 titles in 3 season he knocked Chelsea out of the champions league in 2 straight occasions….now tell me what has jurgen klop won before he was appointed as liverpool coach….for me I have no problem with who ever that is named as our manager the board should just support whom ever that is incharge

  • you better stop asking for Liu’s Enrique, is not a good choice coach for Chelsea. He coached Roman, Celter Vigo, nothing was done, it even worst. He coached Barcelona with better, better material with Almighty Messi, even Almighty Barcelona didn’t need coach before they receive any trophy, so therefore, Chelsea should go for serious manager that will work for them like 5-6 year, not coach that will all your money in the name of buying big material, still yet nothing was done.

    • Well said!! We need a new coach with an attacking mentality. Don’t think Blanc is the right man, we can live with Conte. IMHO, getting some like Sarri or Simeone would make a difference. More than that, we need players, better players!!!

    • I totally agree wth u..Enrique only a proven winner AR barca well there it’s a different story… They would win without a manager… My barca frnds laughed at the fact the chelsea were considering him cuz he is not tht good…

  • Conte has burned he’s bridges with the squad nd it will be self shooting to keep him another year so he has to go. I would personally prefer Sarri because of he’s style of play.

    • That is what some us want Conte s'd stay, Gardiola in his first season didn't take any trophy did Man city chase him. Let Conte stay says:

      Conte should be given more two years


  • I wonder with all these speculations by sports writers about a deal concluded and nearing conclusion and so forth and so on, where is their credibility?

    Do not be surprised if Conte stays on as I see most of your stories are speculations with no substance of truth or attribution. As a Journalist, I look for certain elements in the story and when these elements are lacking, I treat it as rumors or speculations. For now, Conte is still in Charge until Chelsea announces a Manager. Apart from that all are speculations.

    One minute is Sarri, the next is Blanc, the other minute is Enrique and Zidane. I am sick of these kind of stories. We know you have your competitors, but seek the truth, Simple!

  • Lets be honest here, unless there is a total change of philosophy at Chelsea we will be sat here in two years time asking the same questions. The problem is that with each sacking fewer and fewer managers are willing to step forward. The one thing I would comment on is that our managers have all made some rudimentary mistakes in the public criticism of the chelsea board and personal vendettas against players. Maybe its time to go for am English manager, they tend to think before they speak and dont have egos so big they cant get through the entrance to Stamford Bridge..

    • Can you name one English coach that can handle chelsea.
      Count 20 best manager in the world, you will strongly agree with me that none of them (English manager) is among.

  • Comment for me i think sarri is the rit man to handle chelsea job, we need him so fast so we can go to quality players, time wait for no body

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