Date: 3rd November 2018 at 11:45am
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After an impressive start to the season, whereby Chelsea are unbeaten in all competitions, hopes are building that Maurizio Sarri’s side can mount a serious assault on the Premier League title currently held by Manchester City.

However, despite our fine start, there is a general consensus of opinion that to make a serious challenge for the title, we need to invest in a top-notch striker with Morata and Giroud not being capable of giving us that decisive cutting edge that separates those that win titles from also-rans.

But, if the Chelsea support were of the opinion that it was a problem that could be addressed once the summer transfer window opens, it looks as if they are going to be seriously disappointed.

Talking to the media, ahead of the visit of Crystal Palace, Maurizio Sarri, as covered by the respected news vehicle, the Independent, has hinted that the club will not be bringing in any new talent once the January transfer window opens, remarking:

“I didn’t ask anything about it to my club at the moment because at the moment I think we can stay with these players and be competitive.

“I have to think I only have to help these players to improve. It is too easy to go into the market for every problem. I think we need to improve and we need to improve with these players because they can improve.

“I have to think to improve my players. It is my work, I think. The market, there is the club. I can say to the club my opinion about what I think I need but my job is to try to improve my players.”

Is it a strategy that Chelsea should be applauded for?

Is it the correct strategy?

Or is it a foolish one that will see the club fall short in a season where our start has given us the chance to wrestle back the Premier League title Manchester City ripped from our grasp last season?

Your thoughts on the subject matter would be most appreciated, please feel free to drop your views into the comment facility beneath this article.

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60 Replies to “Chelsea Supporters Will Be So Disappointed By This News”

  • I reckon that morata and giroud must be given another chance because they are building-up and improving to be a good striker for the better of UEFA and EPL.

  • I have read most of your comments, very good. But I just have to say something, if you really and carefully watched our last match with crystal Palace, you will notice something, something one of our legends said, we played with our striker, bringing the ball in the sixteen yard box, something we rarely did in the first half, and other matches we don’t try that. It was the one we tried that got us the first goal, second one brought in the first goal. So, what’s it telling, that our strikers needs to be played along with, unlike the players trying to build from the mid field, and when it fails, we remember the strikers when they must have rallied round the field. Mancity and Liverpool play with their strikers. And remember, Morata came in last season with severe back pain, so now is like the first season in England for him, and he’s doing fine. It is mostly hard for some players to adapt the English league. What if we get Icardi or another striker and he starts from scratch, and Morata becomes better, we will have another loanee, of which we have too many of them, and fifa is trying to strike cfc from there. So let’s give our strikers this season, especially Morata, remember we have Batuayi on loan, a striker, and allow sarri-ball to build the players, and we keep our fingers crossed for Hazard to sign the new contract… Thanks. Can, the blues for life…

  • my opinion is sarri should sign at least a back up striker, so as to avoid any mistake, and the kind of players we need are, icadi,lewandosky,brahino,and matial

  • We need a good forward like dembele, lawandoski, abumayan, although morata is improving but still needs more commitment. Also we should bring zooma back to assist rudieger. Then maybe salah join at january but most importantly a stiker because a good team without a good striker can possibly not win any throhy. Eden hazard cannot do everything.

  • Comment Sarri make something happen Morata and Giroud they are not competent strikers but average player, look for aggressive and skillful striker thanks

  • Fantastic idea on players inproveents, but seriously, we’ve grown beyound team building. Rather, we have to find out how to assemble a squad with players capable of manning formations for good results.

    I wouldn’t compare my Club with any other, but in the real sense, having a vision and knowing where the vision is taking you to is key! Which is why for Glory sake, we must invest in reputable footballers.

  • I guess am ok with sarri’s decision of helping the players improve cause am a big fan of morata and giroud and I believe the goals are coming.????????????
    CHELSEA are the kings of the premier league.

  • Chelsea need a competent and prolific good striker. We need a player that can score upto 45 goals for us in a season at all competition. If will have a good attacking force will be able to compete with the likes of big club in Europe

  • is a good idea let coach give then chance
    because that is how we loose Muhammed sala and de-bru
    for me is a good idea

  • pls if we all love our club Chelsea Fc,den we need to pray for them cos football is spiritual & talking abt signing gud strikers, has the Board ready to bring out money & for our trying to improve morata & giroud is a welcome ideal

  • yes, I accepted with sarri opinion and I suggests that he should being a good striker in other to forward Chelsea form

  • please I think we need another striker because we can not risk chance to win the league while trying to build up morata.
    furthermore let’s get another striker and still work on morata to improve and if that works out then we would have two strong strikers excluding giroud cause he should go back.

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