Date: 13th May 2018 at 9:35am
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To lose Antonio Conte, at the end of the season, would be a blow that Chelsea may take some time to recover from.

But to lose our jewel-in-the-crown, Eden Hazard would be something that would have huge ramifications.

A Chelsea without the 27-year-old Belgian would be nothing more than a mid-table side, such can be his influence.

But one leading news publication, the Telegraph, is running with the inference that Chelsea may be preparing to sacrifice Conte in order to keep Hazard.

Our source mulls over the theory that Chelsea would willingly pay the £9 million severance pay Conte would be due if it resulted in Hazard putting pen-to-paper on a new contract, rumoured to be circa £300,000 a week.

Furthermore, putting a huge spanner in the works, our source goes on to infer that the relationship between Hazard and Conte is strained and that the Belgian won’t sign a new contract until a more attack-minded coach is in place.

Whilst we are unable to confirm or deny the above, it does seem strange that Hazard even when he’s on a blistering run of form rarely finishes the full 90 minutes before being substituted.

All controversial stuff but, given the choice, which of the duo would you prefer to remain at Stamford Bridge, Conte or Hazard?

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9 Replies to “Chelsea To Oust Conte to Keep Hazard?”

  • Comment one thing I dislike conte for is that he no attacking minded, and he doesn’t substitute on time even he is loosing. I want hazard to stay and conte should go. the managenment should sign a more attacking minded coach like erince formal Barcelona coach, and sign better mild fielder.

  • If things were judged and determined over a single season, Conte have been extremely poor this season, flirting around with opposition teams while undermining his own players including those who gave him conditions of service. However, if there is a way for everyone involved at the club to reconcile and admit that this season things were not at all good and be willing to work together for good of Chelsea fc, that would be welcome to me.

  • It is easy to blame the manager when the team is not doing well. This was the same manager who every one liked and praised last year. But has he been truly supported by the club in the transfer window, if yes than Conte has to go and if no, then the Chelsea Board directors should go.

  • Lol what club did you glory hunters support a few years ago and what next top club will you guys support a few years later? Winning the trophy one season, and then finishing 5th is “bad”. How long until you guys turn on the next coach, and the next, and the one after that???

  • Muleya you especially. What kind of expectations do you have for our coach when Trophy + 5th in the toughest league is not enough for you? Why did you start supporting Chelsea anyways?

  • By constantly firing coaches, the players never take a coach seriously, because they know he will be gone soon . We also have a DOF, that is rarely seen at matches, even less at Cobham, likes cheap crocked players, has fallen out with two world class managers, cut off lines of communications with them, but being the big mans bestie she is untouchable .

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