Date: 13th May 2018 at 11:50am
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For the penultimate time this season, we’re giving you the chance to air your opinions as a match takes place with Chelsea taking on Newcastle United, at St James Park.

This fixture has a huge amount riding on it, Chelsea need to take the three points on offer to stand any chance of playing in the Champions League next season, although even a win will need them hoping that Brighton can do them a huge favour by winning at Liverpool.

Here in the editorial chair, I fear that the quest for a top-four spot was lost in the chaotic early months of 2018 when Chelsea’s form suffered a major dip.

Perhaps the best scenario we can hope for this afternoon, with there being serious doubts that Brighton can win at Anfield is for Chelsea to pick up a win and leave the north-east with no injuries ahead of the FA Cup Final, against Manchester United, next Saturday.

As is the norm, we’re offering you the chance to air your opinions, in our comments section, on a variety of subject, including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the big game.

2 – The starting eleven selected by Antonio Conte.

3 – The action as it happens at St James Park.

4 – Your thoughts in the immediate period between the final whistle sounding and the match report appearing on Vital Chelsea.

Two games to go Chelsea, let’s finish with a flourish and make it two wins.

Up the Chels!

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12 Replies to “Newcastle v Chelsea – Match Day Moments – Your Chance to Have Your Say”

  • I’m a die-hard Chelsea fan from southeast Nigeria.
    I’m so much disappointed in some of our previous matches, Chelsea team needs total overhauling, in next fresh flood in the team, bring in world class players, bring players from the junior team. I don’t know if Chelsea owner have run out of cash, he should do something and us happy for once, especially those of us in Nigeria and also the club’s welfare packages should also get to us here.
    God bless Chelsea
    God strengthen our players
    More money to the billionaire
    God bless Chelsea fans across the globe

  • Is that the answer to all problems in Nigeria? Just throw more money at it?

    That sounds like total emptiness.

  • I like today’s line up. Replace Cahill with Rudiger, then you have the team for the future.

  • Roman Abramovich’s business model for the club has been fully exposed as unsustainable. This should be a wake-up call. Dear Leader, you are not the one to take this club any further. Please sell to someone who will do a better job…

  • This has nothing to do with Roman, it is about a manager who can to fight everyone from his employers to the players.

  • It’s about an owner who can’t seem to find consistency in any personnel, ever. Or, if the managers are so bad when they come in, then he can’t pick a good one to save his life. And it has to do with the lack of cohesion and identity that has been present since he took over. So yes, it has everything to do with Roman. Watch our historical rivals rise above us, while you blame every manager that comes along, from here to the end of Abramovich.

  • I don’t believe anything that I read about Antonio Conte, and less than half of what I see. Emenalo was supposed to be the worst guy ever. Now he’s sorely missed. Conte was supposed to be tired of the lack of transfer policy. But he supposedly wants to stay and do his job. Tired of the bullshit and drama generated at this club. I’ve said it a thousand times, and I’ll say it a million more – there is one common factor in all of it, despite any and all personnel changes that have taken place on his watch. And it isn’t Conte. Same same same same same… Be blind and all-revering of Dear Leader moneybags, if you like. History will prove you wrong, and me right. I will remind you of it, too. Every time you make an uneducated, and overly loyal comment. Gonna grind it in…

  • An awful end to the season, the league position doesn’t lie, we were found out. Unfortunately Conte didn’t get his wish list of players so he huffed & puffed endlessly trying to embarrass Roman. The reality is Roman, Conte & the players collectively need to take responsibility. Remove Kante & Hazard from this squad and we are a mid table team at best. Thursday night football again, depressing.

  • Season over. Good riddance. On evidence of this, not expecting this group to turn up at Wembley. 2018 has been abysmal. We were in second place before January transfer window opened. Then it all went south. Conte has to take major part of the blame, but the board and players played their part. Still no idea what next season holds, with a full Europa league to deal with on thursday nights, and a very short transfer window and preseason post world cup. No DOF and no idea about next manager or Conte’s fate. We fans can only hope. Not much else to do really.

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