Date: 10th October 2017 at 7:36am
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As the dreaded international break approaches its conclusion, yet more speculation relating to the future of Antonio Conte has surfaced.

Lurking in the pages of the popular tabloid publication this country produces, The Sun, is the insinuation that Antonio Conte will not be the manager of Chelsea Football Club next season.

Our referenced source is suggesting that Antonio could be set to make a dramatic return to his homeland to take over, for a second time, the Italian national team.

The foundations for this inference are based on the fact that the Italian`s have had something of a stuttering campaign which has seen them finish in a group runners-up spot, behind Spain, thereby needing to enter the play-off`s to stand a chance of participating in the 2018 World Cup, in Russia.

Now, here at Vital Chelsea, we`re not sure what exactly is going to happen come the summer but in my role as the editor of this site I couldn`t help but notice this fantastic post by a regular visitor to the site, Michael Reid, who posted yesterday, with regard to the future of Conte:

“Luciano Moggi is one of Conte’s best friends, he bought Conte to Juventus, he also was the first to leak the Conte to Chelsea story in early 2016 . He now claims Conte will be back in Italy next season. Of all the Conte stories and rumors, Moggi is the closest source to the man himself. Moggi claims Conte has already met his next employers and verbally agreed terms. As much as I have been sceptical about all these stories in the media, this is actually a person close to the man himself, who also was the first to leak the story of AC joining us.”

Definitely food for thought!


7 Replies to “Conte Italy Return Talk Gathers Pace”

  • The Moggi story almost got buried as there are so many stories about us , as i stated i give this more attention than the rest of the crap just because of the source, mind you still time for things to change, if Pirlo joins the coaching staff maybe Conte stays, though Pirlo is also close with Carlo also . However this all pans out , one way or another we will have an Italian manager next season, question is which one ?. Conte will not take the national team gig, he did not like it before and Carlo is not interested in it either .

  • I personally feel that if Conte wants to go then let him go. There have been far too many speculations regarding him and this does not help the club at all. One individual can not hold the club at ransom with ceaseless threats of one thing or another.

  • Maybe he wants to leave because his family prefers to live in Italy and don’t want to live in London?

  • Latnuvic you hit the nail on the head, homesickness .Not sure if his family even moved here . But i really think homesickness is the biggest reason .

  • For whatever the reason a professional should never be seen to live on blackmail. For all I can remember, apart from the first season of Ambromovich error, this was one of the outstanding seasons that Chelsea splashed a lot on the transfer market. Not withstanding failed targets, they went all the way to try to please the manager. But to always point at one thing or the other as a reason for wanting to leave the club I feel is not being honest.

  • I love Conte to bits, I think he is a top coach that can take us forward as a club. He is tactically very sound, has heart and he is not proud. But for whatever reason if he wants to leave, then we have to let him go, there is no point moaning. Even though I like Conte, but Chelsea will always be bigger. We have our own issues as a club and everything is not perfect, and if Conte thinks our issues are so plenty that he cant live with them or at least find a compromise at some mid point with the board and the owner, then adios and goodluck. I guess we might have to start another cycle again with another coach if this happens, but ultimately I hope we will be fine.

  • We will always be fine to be honest, look at how many coaches we have had, yet we survive and keep on winning . I love Conte and hope he stays, but if his family do not like London or he is homesick than its better he leaves . Ranieri who is also a close friend thinks he will see out his contract, regardless of various stories. Moggi who many remember as being reduced to being a pundit after being convicted of match fixing with Juve probably also has motives for wanting him back in Italy, but so far Moggi has not been wrong, i also think AC would be wiling to wait another season for him to return . Our biggest danger is if he leaves we need someone lined up before the usual vultures try and pounce on our players .

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