Date: 16th August 2017 at 5:09pm
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This is surely not the best of times to be a CFC fan.

Especially when you are among those clamouring for new signings; the results are not helping matters (taking into consideration the Singapore leg of pre-season, the Community Shield and the Burnley debacle), and thanks to the traffic seeking sites and media who are making the most of the opportunity presented by Chelsea’s condition.

I have always been among those sympathizing with the manager on the issue of lack of new signings and how the board are not helping matters, but while I was chatting with a fellow Blues yesterday something interesting came to my notice; and that is the number of players the club has let go in the current transfer window either through loan deal or permanent transfer.

Going by the incessant complaints of the manager about the lack of new signings and how thin the squad is; I beg to ask a question ‘Are they all (the players loaned and sold) below CFC standard or impatient?’.

There is a popular saying where I come from that

‘When you haven’t bought a new clothe you can’t refer to the ones you have currently as rags’.

With Matic’s future not yet finalised, we let go of Chalobah and RLC, showed MVG, Pasalic,L ewis Baker that they weren’t needed.

Without completing the deals for new wing-backs we let go of Nathan Ake and Ola Aina.

Was the manager ignorant of all the deals?

Why not confirm the signings before letting the players leave?

I seriously wish and hope that the transfers are done ASAP but currently I feel the thin squad is a result of our own making.


6 Replies to “Depleted Yet Reinforcing Others, Who Is to Blame?”

  • It appears to me as if the board are under some kind of spells to make mistakes. I don’t know if it is only me who doesn’t understand their ways.

  • “This is surely not the best of times to be a CFC fan” – we’re League Champions for God’s sake, pull yourself together!!!

  • Well, at first glance it honestly looks foolish, naive and shallow. But – maybe the board knows something we dont, and maybe there is a plan. Best to wait until the transfer window closes before forming a firm view. What cant be denied though is that our transfer strategy ( coupled with unfortunate injuries to key players) has frustrated the coach and brought heaps of negative media attention which can sometimes affect the team. But If we manage to still get decent players in before or by August 31st, the long term view for the entire season might not be too bad. The international break right at the end of the transfer window is obiously a big blessing for Conte and the team. Gives him a little breathing space and 10-12 days to work with the players not on International duty. For me, the season starts for us, after this –

  • After all, last summer’s deadline day signings turned out to be awful, didn’t they, and had absolutely nothing to do with us winning the league.

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