Date: 11th March 2018 at 6:41pm
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Hooray!!! Chelsea won a game of football. It wasn`t as easy as it ought to have been, had some more individual defensive errors been punished by Palace. The three points were the requisite for the day though, and that was achieved.

We ran our normal matchday polls, the first of which was, who would score Chelsea`s first goal. After recent games there was an obvious choice, the first goalscorer in the last four games in which Chelsea have scored was, Willian. 50% of those that voted for first scorer, wisely voted for the Brazilian. Those that also received votes were,

⦁ Eden Hazard (33%)
⦁ Olivier Giroud (16%)
⦁ Gary Cahill (1%)

When it came to MOTM though, Willian, unsurprisingly missed out. The player voted first in the poll was Davide Zappacosta who grabbed 34% of the votes. The Italian had a decent game in Victor Moses` right wing back position, but I`m not convinced it was 30% better than Willian who came bottom of those that received votes with a pitiful 4%. To that end, with got a kind of petition type thingy, running in the forum here.

All it asks is ‘Do you support Willian`, we`d like you to simply reply in the thread by saying ‘I do` or ‘I don`t`. Willian has put in MOTM performances week in week out, yet barely registers a vote. It`s something that`s not gone unnoticed on the site with @Stamford king questioning the whole process,

“Its either there is a bug in the man of the match rating system or someone is monopolizing it by hacking or multiple votes with different accounts. For many many weeks now, it has not shown the true reflections of matches. Don’t tell me its real cos we have not heard any dissenting voice towards Willian performances for weeks now yet it keeps on repeating itself. The laughable thing there is that the man of the match winners are not really the top performers which underlines the fact that something is wrong somewhere. If the ratings represent true votes, then I can only surmise that this forum is filled with ra****s. The administrators have to look into this issue. It`s now too niggling and annoying for it to be overlooked further.”

I don`t know about bugs in the system, but I agree with @Stamford, it does seem very odd. You can show your support for Willian in the forum now though. The other players who featured in the MOTM poll were,

⦁ N`golo Kante (16%)
⦁ Olivier Giroud (16%)
⦁ Eden Hazard (13%)
⦁ Marcos Alonso (12%)
⦁ Thibaut Courtois (5%)

The current front page poll asks a question we`ve asked a few times. With the big round of sixteen decider coming up on Wednesday against Barcelona. We`re asking who you think should play in that crucial strikers role. We`re just hoping Antonio Conte doesn`t use Eden Hazard in that false nine role. As ever please vote wisely.