Date: 28th April 2018 at 12:39pm
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Chelsea return to Premier League action this afternoon, in the late kick-off, when they face Swansea City, at the Liberty Stadium.

Currently lying in fifth place in the Premier League table, Chelsea need to win all their four remaining games to stand a chance of finishing in the top-four and clinching a Champions League qualifying place.

But, even if Chelsea win all four games, they’ll still need Tottenham Hotspur to slip up in their remaining games.

Whilst my heart tells me it can be done, my head tells me differently.

But football is a strange sport and we’ll just take each game at a time.

As is the norm, we’re running our Match Day Moments feature where we ask you to offer your views on a variety of subjects, in our comments facility, including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the big game.

2 – The starting eleven named by Antonio Conte.

3 – The action as it happens at the Liberty Stadium.

4 – Your thoughts in the period between the sounding of the final whistle and the match report appearing on Vital Chelsea.

Here’s hoping we’re all smiles after the game.

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21 Replies to “Match Day Moments – Swansea (a)”

  • If we can win the remaining 4matches, we can be in top 4 maybe with goals diffrn. self, so we have to score plenty goals and try not to concede.

    • Liverpool have just slipped up …. If we win all our remaining matches, including the one against Pool, we just need them to drop points in any one other match & we could pop them to top 4

  • In the end we will be where we deserve to be, it’s a marathon and needs consistency to win it, unlike cup competitions which often turn on lucky breaks

  • We had better be up for this game cos Swansea will be, this is a cup final for them as a result will almost certainly keep them in the Premiership next season

  • Each time I see Bakayoko in a Chelsea shirt, I tend to hate Conte the more. He contribute absolutely nothing to the team, always a liability.

  • What are these useless flicks for? Why can’t these players play the simple football, score 2 before showboating

  • We switched off in the second half , Kante kept us in the game , thank god Courtois showed up also ,Cahill was back to his useless self ,Hazard was isolated pretty much ,Moses is a good defender at least ,Bakayoko was horrible ,Emerson deserves to keep Alonso out ,but he won’t and the usual subs to late to make a difference

  • If Liverpool win the champions league ( please god, no ) and Arsenal win the Europa League , the 4th place team loses its spot , so both us and Spuds could end up in the EL

  • Our games now are difficult to watch. Conte must be sacked. Why does find it difficult to make changes when it is pretty clear we are playing shut. We had only a shot on target against Swansea but our coach made his first change on the 78th minutes. Is he normal?

  • The most surprising thing about this ineffective coach is not substituting bakayoko. i just dislikes the way he plays football. He can neither run, pass shoot, or even head the ball and shows no aggression towards regaining possession. Its just so annoying that such a laidback and unintelligent footballer plays for a club that i support. Just seeing bakayoko on cfc’s team sheet is enough to spoil my entire day. baka pls get out of my club

  • i so much hate this conte’s tactics of always playing 3 centre backs against lowly ranked teams. we barely score 3 goals in a match anymore. Can this board just fire conte so we can start afresh. I don’t seem to enjoy watching us play anymore. Even when we won the league last season, i was never impressed with our style of play

  • Conte claims he will be here next season, and will fix things. Honestly careful what you wish for ?, none of the other candidates, are on his level, and that includes Enrique who inherited one of the all time great Barca squads . Would anybody here want to see him at Arsenal with a big transfer budget ? .I do agree Bakayoko is out of his depth, and the second half performance was right back to the Bournemouth/Watford days, we got lucky with Jon Moss being an inept ref,Cahill could have given up a penalty . I keep going back and forth on Conte, after City,Barca and Spurs i wanted him out, but he has won his way back, however its all down to Liverpool now. If Alonso and Baka start, their front three will bomb down our right hand side .and terrorize us . Isolate those 3 and we can win,with the right selection .Beating Liverpool would make up for Spurs at least. But if we set out to defend and get a draw, its going to be miserable . Just hope reason prevails.

  • Conte has never been reasonable with his tactics this season. His defence first mindset has really spoilt this season for us. I just hope he leaves this season. I don’t think i would miss him one bit. He whines and nags all the time. No team in the Pl has a player of hazard’s quality but conte does not utilize that because he is always praising average players of other teams and undermining his own players

  • Cahill,fab,bakayoko,alonso,pedro should never be in our starting eleven but conte keeps playing them and making the fans angry. Rubbish coach

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