Date: 18th June 2017 at 4:29pm
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According to Evening Standard Chelsea are set to announce a mystery signing on 1st July.

Our source speculates it will be Manchester City`s out of contract goalkeeper Willy Caballero.

On another note, freelance journalist and very well-respected Chelsea writer Dan Levene, talking on Talksport earlier was discussing recent goings on.

On Conte leaving, he was of the opinion that a speculative story that started in Italy had become ‘the gospel` as it translated its way across Europe. Wishful thinking by the media, I guess.

On the lack of transfer dealings, he believes deals are being negotiated. He also mentioned the fact that officially the transfer window is not yet open in some countries, and that Chelsea`s sponsorship contract with Adidas runs until the end of June. From the start of July any new signings will be able to hold up a crisp new Nike Shirt.

These could indeed be reasons for no transfer action as of yet. As fans, we are keen to see that Antonio Conte really is being given the full backing of Roman and the board. Until the whole Diego Costa saga plays out, it`s difficult to tell. One thing Dan Levene was certain of though, was that Diego will be Diegone!


9 Replies to “New Nike Contract on 1st July Could Signal New Signings.”

  • Sadly it seems that shirt sponsers have more power than management. There doesn’t have to be photos of the incoming holding an old shirt up to keep both adidas/Nike happy.
    Mo douby July 1st will show our new incomings

  • I hope everyone is holding their breath hard, until the day that Willy Caballero is announced. Can you feel the excitement? It feels like a dream…

  • why aren’t we going for upcoming talents like Ousmane Dembélé???? image what his style of play could bring to the bridge!!!!

  • July Ist Chelsea unveil new tea lady, as Emenalo is pictured sipping from delicate china .

  • I too feel we need to wait till the new sponsorship deal starts to any new deals being announced ….. then we will see whats been cooking & can take a call whether we have been flops or winners in the off season

  • There must be more to this July 1st than just Caballero. If that’s all we’ve got , then I am afraid the board are more deluded that I once thought.

  • much more deluded… What is it with Caballero even? A 35yr old goalie coming to take a precious foreign player slot…

  • Why do the English media hate Chelsea so much- always looking for opportunity to want to bring us down.

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