Date: 22nd February 2019 at 12:24pm
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Why is it that Chelsea fans always assume the worst?

We all knew that there was a possibility that the transfer ban would happen. We have also moaned to death, the club’s reluctance to introduce youth to the first team.

These two trains of thought are wholly incompatible because either you want the club to spend and bring in ready-made superstars or you want the academy to produce a gem or two from within its ranks.

Are our coaches so devoid of talent that they cannot nature potential and turn it into gold?

Is there no talent amongst our army of youth teams that can make the step up?

Is the academy system just for making money on loan fees?

No, No and no.

Let us presume, unlike Real Madrid and Barcelona who also had transfer embargoes imposed on them and subsequently reduced/delayed on appeal, that Chelsea are not given the same treatment.

Of course, it were the case it would hardly be surprising given our past dealings with FIFA, what could we do if the ban was enforced.

Chelsea would, of course, carry on with judicial options but meanwhile, what could a manager do with the resources available?

If we brought back some of our prominent loanees, we could still put out a team like this:


Reece James——Rudigar——Christensen—–Jay DaSilva





Bulka, Azpiliqueta, Emerson, Zouma, Tomori, Mason Mount, Tammy Abrahams

Many of us would support that team all day long.

Would we suffer sometimes? Of course, we would.

Would we be great at other times? Of course, we would If we transferred out the other players not included from the present team, just imagine how much we could generate from transfers (even if we lose on some) and save on current salary payments. And once the ban is lifted, all that money could be reinvested.

And to make this happen, we would need a manager in tune to the youth set-up at Chelsea. A local manager with a group of local coaches. People who have been with the club or played for the club or just love the club. We do not need expensive overseas coaches who don’t even attend youth matches and refuse to select the gems from within.

Chelsea will appeal against the transfer ban and be partially successful if history proves to be right, but the alternative team shown above would keep many fans happy for quite some time.

But what about you?

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4 Replies to “No Transfers – A Tragedy Or A Blessing In Disguise”

  • It’s a valid point Navid and like yourself I will always support the team, regardless of who is in the starting 11.
    So come on all True Blues and beggar off all plastics

    • Thank you Analooish.

      The ride might get bumpy for a while but I really believe that all Chelsea fans will be fine in the longer term.

  • Absolutely … We have superb young talent … This could be the making of them … We should go for a major rebuild under a manager who is interested in developing players (not Sarri)

  • Definitely agreed with you guys. But Sarri must be out of that. We will not have any choice than to keep for the mean time his useless Jorginho!

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