Date: 15th May 2018 at 1:00pm
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Over the years, there have been a few transfers that have seen players move between Chelsea and Tottenham and vice versa, but, as far as I can recall, there has never been an occasion whereby either club has taken the others manager.

But, according to the popular news source, the Sun that is something that those who run our football club would like to see happen this summer.

According to our referenced source, Chelsea have placed Mauricio Pocchettino at the top of their managerial wish-list, to replace Antonio Conte.

Now the merest suggestion of such an audacious move coming off would have been scoffed at earlier in the season.

However, circumstances appear to be changing.

Our aforementioned source is reporting that all might not be well between Pochettino and Daniel Levy, the Tottenham supremo.

Pochettino is a little bewildered by Tottenham’s apparent reluctance to further their recent progress by investing heavily in the transfer market and also changing the pay structure that currently limits their expenditure in the transfer market.

Seemingly, crunch talks are scheduled for this week and Pochettino has already suggested his future at the club is far from certain.

If Chelsea were to persuade Pochettino his future would be better-served at Stamford Bridge, it would be a remarkable coup for the club.

Hopefully, it would see a young manager brought to the club to develop a long-term strategy, something we’ve been lacking for far too long.

But, the biggest question that remains, if Pochettino were to decide West London was a better option than North London, could he cope with all the foibles associated with the hot-seat in SW6.

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4 Replies to “Pochettino – Southampton – Tottenham Hotspur – Chelsea?”

  • Who says there is a hot seat at SW6? There is no seat at all. Why should there be when managers don’t hang around enough to even unpack. A friend who is an Arsena fan once told me that my team, Chelsea is a manager’s cemetery. So why would a focus manager like Pochettino willingly come here and commit career suicide? Very soon we shall run out of good managers. Then the owner would either manage the team or appoint one of the board members, man or woman.

  • Think we have run out of managers, its down to Eneique,Jardim and Blanc at this point .

  • Lolz…..Poche “no-trophy-in-career” ttino. Doubt he would last a season. Even the big boyz groans under the load and drama of CFC.

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