Date: 19th February 2019 at 1:01pm
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Sarri and his reluctance to change a team that continue to struggle once again resulted in a loss against Manchester United last night.

Sarri is fighting to keep his job at Chelsea after recent results but he continues to start the same team and continues to make the same predictable substitutions when trailing in the game.

Jorginho once again started in CDM where Kante should arguably be starting. The gaps in front of Chelsea’s back two opened up to allow Herrera to run straight through the middle on to the end of a Pogba cross. Alonso once again had a difficult night against Manchester United, struggled to defend effectively as he has done in recent games.

The system Sarri continues to operate is clearly not working, yet he continues to start the same group of players and make the same substitutions. If something is not working surely there is a plan B, clearly Sarri only has a plan A. Hudson-Odoi didn’t get a run out last night, and his face clearly showed he was not impressed, what has he got to do to get some game time?

It’s worrying times at Chelsea, with two crucial cup games coming up. The players don’t seem to be up for it, and the fans seem to be against Sarri now (you could hear the anti Sarri chants in the crowd). Sarri needs to find a plan B from somewhere if he wants to keep his job at Chelsea, but it’s clear he is struggling to find one.

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6 Replies to “Same Old Team and Same Old Result”

  • If Sarri doesn’t get the sack for his extraordinarily stupid 3rd sub last night, at least he should get it because every match he continues to ignore CHO he makes it more likely that CHO will leave Chelsea. Not to mention playing the best DM out of position, having no Plan-B etc

  • Am glad you are seeing Sarri’s shortcomings now. When I labeled him manager without ambitions @ the start because of his predetermined substitutions you labeled me clueless. The writings were all over on the wall when we first drew with at the time struggling West Ham United. Was followed with quite frankly unnecessary draw with Liverpool.

  • Don’t feel bad. I labeled him “shit” before we played the first match. I’ve never cared an ounce what anyone has to say about me. I’m a very careful observer of people and events, and I seldom get these types of things wrong (for everything else that I can’t get right to save life or limb). Even after tossing about my unpopular opinion here for years, I’m still usually right, when I take a strong stance. And I’ll keep doing it. The archives bear witness to what some of us have always known, and what others of us will never accept.

    • The defenders are downing tools…. Azpilicueta Luiz and alonso… want Sarri out …. we are still in 6th place this lack of patience from our fans is embarrassing… … it takes time to build team… too many ppl know tactics now except the main men who are paid to do it … patience is a lost commodity

  • @Th – you are clearly a new fan, if you think that this “lack of patience” is “embarrassing”. This is EXACTLY how the club owner has groomed the fans to behave. It’s not unique to this season. Your tired ass argument about it “taking time” to build a team would have been sound… If we were talking about 10 managers ago. Do you not see a pattern? If so, who do you think is responsible for such a pattern? The point is, you’re a broken record. It’s time to switch to an entirely new album. New owner, new priorities. As a legion of fans, we should seriously pen an open letter to Dear Leader, expressing thanks we are sick and tired of his tyrannical vision, and prefer something that looks a whole lot more sporting. Something that actually draws upon the talents of actual, and knowledgeable, sports people. Not useful idiots, who will cower before his megalomaniacal decrees.

    If fans aren’t willing to speak up, you will continue to get what you deserve. You can be heard via your voice, or your wallet. But I’d you aren’t willing to step up and take what you want, don’t expect anything to change. The one thing standing between fans, and proper football, isn’t the players, or Maurizio Sarri. It’s Roman Abramovich.

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