Date: 7th May 2006 at 6:19pm
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The latest supporter to take a turn Under the Spotlight is ex-pat Steve. Read how he fared.

My name is Steve Van Doorn, born in Essex (Loughton) December 1953

1) When did I first start supporting Chelsea and why?

Went with my brother Jeff to see Chelsea v Arsenal (Season we were relegated in 61/62) my dad supported Arsenal so I did! (big mistake). Anyway Chelsea won me over straight away, Peter Bonetti carried off Bert Murray deputising in goal, and we only lost 3-2 (no subs then,) I was about 8 years old, from then on I supported Chelsea. I didn’t really start going full time until the season after when we got promotion.

2) Your first memory and has your passion grown or diminished.

Well obviously the above game, and just that from then on it was Chelsea the next season I followed via radio and reports from my brother. My passion certainly did grow, and off we went to all the home games and all away cup games for some period of years after that, Spurs cup final! Oh the misery, and getting beaten up by the Spurs fans after the game, skipping off early during GCE science exam to see the Cup Final in 1970 (replay at Old Trafford) and borrowing heavily to go on my own to Athens, only to have to come back and watch the replay on TV back in UK.

3) Favourite Player

Very difficult that one, Zola comes a very close second,(Sheer class too many goals and moves to remember) but I suppose it has to be our Ossie bringing us our first major honour then Athens, gutted when he left, saw him on his return, even saw him when he came back and we beat Manchester City in the late 70’s 3-2 at Maine Road. We were really bad but what a day that was, singing my lungs out in the Man City directors box (How I got there was a miracle, supposed to meet someone outside with tickets, he didn’t arrive, and this city supporter said do you want a ticket, I said yes but I just had enough money for a couple of pints, he said no worries on the house, and there I was in the directors box singing my lungs out. great day as I was living in the Manchester area at the time) Think that in the future JT could become bigger than them both Ossie and Franco!

4) the team I most want to beat?

Well over the years it has changed a bit. I mean Spurs for the 67 Cup final, then Leeds for our close rivalry, Then Man Utd for 94, then it was Arsenal for too many years of second best, and now always Liverpool, they have become my team to hate.

5) Favourite match involving Chelsea

So hard to pick. But in no particular order I’ll give you 5 that go down in memory, not always there live but most times. Leeds Cup final 1970(both games I suppose) I was there for both Bruges in Cup winners Cup, in 71 and 95 at the Bridge, atmosphere and results fantastic. Bolton last year watching in the pub in Perth about 2am in the morning with the lads here, just awesome.

6)Hopes for the future on the pitch?

Champions League soon, and the Double that would be nice over the next 2 years

7) Where does the current squad need to improve for next year/

We need a 20+ goal centre forward, we need stability at full back, and the team needs more players to put in regular good performances throughout the season, not a handful of good games out of 40+

8)Improve the club off the pitch?

I think that we must respect our opponents if we lose. We may not like it but let?s show some humility. The opposition deserve it the same as us!

9)Do you think that Chelsea have a fair image in the press?

Not really but I used to get upset with it, but most of those kind of articles, are just written by reporter?s who cannot stand the change in the Status Quo.

10) Do I mind about not signing Ickle Stevie Gerrard

To be honest wasn’t bothered he had his chance, and he’s missed out. Such a strong Liverpool boy, but was tempted very easily. Give me Chelsea boy JT any day.

Our thanks got to Steve in Perth, Australia for taking his turn Under the Spotlight.

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