The Departure Of Chelsea Star Draws Nearer By The Day


The debate raging as to whether Eden Hazard will be leaving Chelsea, this summer, looks to be approaching a conclusion.

Reading between the lines, it looks, to us, as if the hugely talented Belgian international does have a desire to play for Real Madrid, next season.

Glancing through the scribes in the news source, the Express, we find that this particular source is of the opinion that Hazard told the club he wishes to leave in order for the Chelsea hierarchy to be able to agree on a price with the Spanish giants.

Continuing, the French media source, lequipe, reports that the 28-year-old will join Real Madrid in a move that will see Chelsea receive a transfer fee of £86 million.

However, doubts on the value of any transfer fee are placed in the limelight by the local news source, the Evening Standard, that continues to champion the suggestion that Chelsea will not entertain any deal that sees less than a £100 million transfer fee change hands.

Sat here in the editorial chair, I hope the club sticks to that demand, players like Eden don’t come along too often and it is crucial we don’t let him go cheaply. However, my biggest fear is that Chelsea will accept a reduced fee with Mateo Kovacic involved in a player-plus-cash deal, now that really would hurt!

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