Date: 4th October 2017 at 7:52am
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On Saturday, Chelsea slipped to a Premier League home defeat, at the hands of the league leaders, Manchester City.

But it wasn`t the defeat that caused concern amongst the Vital Chelsea fraternity but the manner in which Chelsea slipped to it.

The performance was lacklustre and many members thought that Conte had got his team selection and tactics wrong.

Therefore, after the dust had settled down we thought the question as to whether Antonio Conte had got it all wrong against Manchester City was asked.

We gave you three options to choose from:

? Yes

? No


? Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

After the vote was closed, it emerged that the option that got the most voted was hindsight is a wonderful thing which took 58% of the vote.

An interesting winning option don`t you think!

As for the remainder of the votes cast 24% opted for the No option whilst the remaining 18% went for the Yes option.

Here at Vital Chelsea we`d call that a vote of confidence in our wonderful manager.

Our latest poll concentrates on solving the striking problem we now have.

Please use your votes wisely!


2 Replies to “The Great Did Conte Get It Wrong v City Poll Result”

  • I think calling Antonio conte’s tactics into question after every negative result is a bit disrespectful IMO.The man is a championship winning manager FFS. Most of us doubted him by dis time last year and we all knew how that turned out .We blame the board for their trigger happy tendencies but we as fans should also keep our emotions and expectations in check. I say cut him some slack pur-leaze!!! Ktbffh!

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