Date: 6th October 2017 at 7:28am
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Yesterday, transfer speculation appearing in the media, suggested that Chelsea might be interested in signing the Paris Saint-Germain player, Javier Pastore.

In what are quiet times as we navigate our way through the international break, we thought we`d use our front-page poll facility to gauge your opinion as to whether Pastore would be a good signing for Chelsea Football Club.

We left you three options to choose from:

? Yes please.

? No thanks


? Undecided

Ahead of the poll, here at Vital Chelsea HQ, we weren`t sure which way the vote would go.

However, it appears that a majority of the votes cast were in favour of the Brazilian making a return to Stamford Bridge, with 60 of the votes cast going for the Yes option.

But, those who thought it would be a bad idea run those who thought it would be a good idea close.

A further 40% of you opted for the No option.

As for the third option of undecided, it seems that everybody had a view, one way of another on this subject matter with nobody option for the third choice.

Here at Vital Chelsea we thank you for your participation.

Our latest front-page poll asks for your views on Oscar talking about making a return to Chelsea.

Please use your vote wisely!


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  • The Brazilian making a return to Stamford bridge? Was Pastore ever here? Is he even a Brazilian? I am confused.

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