Date: 25th January 2013 at 4:11pm
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Nostalgia is a seductive liar

Just responding to an article where it was even suggested that Roman is now more of liability.

We should be careful what we wish for. Nostalgia is a seductive liar… I am not hiding the fact that Roman has made a few wrong decisions. Tell me who doesn’t. We will never know the exact reasons behind his decisions because he rarely gives interviews.

Despite all these, some fans are going too far to say he is a liability. Everyone talking about how they want back the sexy football before Roman era, how Roman is more of a liability and how they would be happier without wining anything for the sake of stability but yet won’t campaign to keep the coach.

CFC has never had this long consistent success in it’s history before Roman came along. Do we really want that CFC back? Do we really want the CFC that was on brink of administration back? (certain Clubs come to mind Portsmouth and Leeds) Do we really need to risk the known for the unknown?

Lots of Doggy would be owners out there check where Portsmouth are now and what is happening to Malaga. Some will argue we are now a better brand than 10 years ago and there won’t be a problem finding a new buyer.

Let someone tell me how many buyers out there that will be willing to pay close to £600m without using the club and it assets as collateral and with the new FFP rule looming would have to rely on the club revenue (which everyone knows isn`t enough to run the club now) to maintain and keep the club as competitive year in year out.

We should be careful what we wish for… It might only take Roman to fall out the wrong side of his bed after a night on vodka for God to hear / answer some fans prayer ‘we want the old Chelsea back,’ and he may think ‘Right enough is enough’ and, if not selling up, then disengaging completely or reducing the target like Everton, Newcastle and many other teams that are happy to be in the PL?

What are we going to do then?

Do what some United fans did (form another team instead) when the Glazers bought Man Utd? Even the Glazers have not invested so much of their personal money on buying Man Utd. We should be careful what we wish for. CFC are debt free! How many top teams in Europe can boast of that? Not even Man Utd, Barca, Real Madrid and still competing year in year for trophies (it’s not over until it’s over).

Yet people are recently looking for the lightest excuse to be calling him all sorts of names. How many foreign owners watch as many games as Roman and go to see the team train? It shows more passion when watching their team play? There are few Roman YouTube videos. What do we really want?

We should be careful what we wish for, for the sake of stability everyone on this site and fans world over so dearly crave, are will going to be campaigning to keep Rafa instead? If not that is hypocrisy of highest order and we will be more as guilty as Roman. Because you can’t wish for stability and the same time want the current coach to be sack.

You can’t eat your cake and have it. One thing that is clear from all that are happening now is fans are insatiable. If we get a new coach or if RAFA stays there will still be some sections of fans that will be calling for the coach’s head when results are bad.

For me and my household we are very grateful for Roman, for the joy, the feelings of winning the PL 3 times and to crown it all the feelings of being the European Champions. The feelings most old fans would have be only dreaming of or jealous of if not for the arrival of Roman.

Long live ROMAN.