Date: 21st May 2018 at 12:58pm
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I still maintain that we’re far likelier to see a new man at the managerial helm come the start of the 2018 / 2019 season, as opposed to seeing Antonio Conte being allowed to enter the third year of his current contract.

Part of that realisation comes from gut instinct whilst part comes from watching, over recent months, the body language of the Italian himself.

Much of the manic gesticulation we witnessed during our title-winning season has gone, almost as if it has been replaced by an air of resignation that the obvious cracks between himself and the club hierarchy are never going to be papered over.

But if, as I believe, a parting of the ways is inevitable, it’s hard to pin down precisely when it’ll happen.

However, one news vehicle Express, is today, championing the inference that Conte will, as far as his role goes, be history within the next 48 hours.

With the FA Cup safely in our possession but with no victory parade planned, Conte returned to his native Italy, following the conclusion of the 2017 / 2018 season, which begs us to ask the question, has he been told of his fate one way or another already?

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4 Replies to “When Will the Axe Fall or Has the Deed Already Been Done”

  • It has always been the culture of our club to sack coaches/managers after 2 or 3 seasons (that is for those managers who win trophies in their 1st or 2nd season). Conte’s case may not be different…. the fallout with the hierarchy at the club is evident and there may not be any mending of fences. As fans we have always continued to go with the flow. Its as we say in my country Soldier come, Soldier go but the Barracks remains…

    The club will continue to flourish irrespective of who is coach/manager this system seem to work for us now. Maybe things will take a turn when some of our legends return as coach/managers.

  • He only went to Italy for Pirlo’s testimonial, nothing happening on the manager front yet, but at least we know its going to be one of Enrique, Sarri,Jardim or Conte .

  • Much as I love Conte, the season has been hugely disappointing despite the FA cup win. We lost so many points to mid table teams, failed to dominate possession especially in midfield and our style of play leaves much to be desired. Our culture of hiring and firing seems to be working. And if Conte must be sacked then Sarri should be his natural successor., someone with emphasis on aesthetic and possession based football I’m sick and tired watching city dominate us so much when we square up.

  • Looks like they will let him complete his contract. At the same time I see players being divided. Some are on his side while others are not. I don’t know what to make of the situation.

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