Date: 29th October 2017 at 1:13pm
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The constant media circus that surrounds Chelsea Football Club carries on a pace. One of my favourite films is The Truman Show. For those not familiar with it, the plot of the film follows the character played by Jim Carrey, Truman Burbank.

He lives in a world where those all around him are actors performing in a TV show that is broadcast live 24/7. Truman is the only one who doesn`t know. His whole life takes place on a film set and he has no idea, for him it`s his reality. Everything that happens to him is controlled by the shows writers and directors.

At the moment Antonio Conte is Truman Burbank. His whole life is being conducted in a glare of unwanted publicity and manipulation. It`s no wonder he set about putting the press in their place at his Friday presser before the Bournemouth game.

Quite who is directing this soap opera, that is Chelsea FC, remains the mystery. The obvious main contender for the role of director has to be the man at the top, Roman Abramovich. To those watching on though, the viewers, Abramovich seems to be an unlikely source of unrest at the club he has invested so much in. Seeing him sitting in the stadium kicking every ball, vigorously applauding every goal, shows a passion that defies the belief that he would want to upset his own applecart.

Whilst overall editorial control of Conte, in his Truman role, must lie with Mr. Abramovich, he`s surely not the only director. Like all soap operas there`s a group of people deciding how the show pans out.

Back in the summer when the transfer window was plodding slowly on, it was the transfer gurus, Marina Granovskaia and Michael Emanalo controlling proceedings. Their seeming inability to get deals over the line was a constant frustration for Conte. Whoever wrote in the Diego Costa plot line was responsible for a moment of genius. Like any good storyline, it was strung out for weeks before it was finally allowed to run its course.

Those at the club, set up the whole Chelsea story for this season, during the fractious summer of discontent. The media moguls have picked it up and run with it. At the moment, it`s those in the media that are having their say on, let`s call him Truman Conte.

The current plot line, introduced by those hacks, is that the manager is unhappy with his present squad of players. The indices being he didn`t want some of those bought in during the summer transfer window. They weren`t his choices, he wanted other players. Players the club, and their two transfer gurus weren`t prepared to get for him.

The natural progression of that plot line is, that, if the manager is not happy with the players, then surely the player`s can`t be happy with the manager.

So, more recently the story that has been dreamed up, is that Truman Conte is working the squad too hard. The players don`t like it. Recent injuries add fuel to that fire and of course players don`t like having to work hard do they? Really? What a ridiculous idea that is. How anyone can believe there is anything in that garbage is beyond belief. It`s another story that Conte has had to refute in a press conference.

Based on all of the above, the next progression in the plotline has to be who will be the next manager? The appearance of former manager Carlo Ancelotti at recent games has been ruthlessly highlighted. Obviously, if the current manager`s not happy with the players, and the players are not happy with the manager, then surely a new man must be installed. Other possible names have also been mooted. It`s all so disrespectful towards a man who deserves so much better.

Chelsea`s recent run of form has them go four games undefeated, despite all the supposed troubles. They are still in the top four, on top of their Champions League group and in the quarter-finals of the Carabao Cup. Important victories have been achieved against all these odds. More significantly, players are beginning to recover from injury and form is returning for those affected earlier in the season.

The simple fact of the matter is, that, the manager has no problem with the players and vice versa. It`s all a figment of someone`s creative imagination. Maybe, Truman Conte is about to be allowed a period of relative stability in terms of media shenanigans. It`s a faint hope.

Those that believe Chelsea Football Club is run in a way that allows for self-imposed implosions from time to time are wide of the mark. Most of the clubs troubles are created and dictated by a media intent on making money and causing unrest in an ever-increasing circle of turmoil.

It`s easy to blame the club for all that is going on, but there are dark forces at work somewhere. Maybe, high in a control room looking down on proceedings, the life of Truman Conte could be about to change for the better. At least for the time being.


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  • Exactly. Well said. We can’t be mad at the media. Here is why. Online football news is about clicks. The more clicks, the more advertising income. Chelsea is a huge club with a huge fan base. It makes sense to write an article about us as it will lead to more clicks. Of course, the more negative the article the more clicks you are likely to get. What is sad is that despite the fact that the media has been against us ever since Roman “ruined” English football by upsetting the status quo, many of our fans fall for their propaganda campaign against our club. The media hate that Roman was able to turn Chelsea into one of the most successful clubs in England. They hate that despite the constant claims that Roman would leave after a few years he’s still here. They hate that we proved that we did t have to have stability at the manager position to have success. They hate the fact that we found a way around ffp with the loan system. They hate that we constantly prove the so called experts wrong and no matter what continue to have success. Yes, there have been bumps in the road. But name another club in the world that hasn’t had any? Exactly! Now that players are getting fit, our bench looks strong. Who’s laughing about us over lukaku now? United spent what will be 90 million plus on a striker who doesn’t run (covered least ground of all strikers in premier league last year) who was in his last year of a deal. 30 plus on lindeloff who is awful. Rudiger at 30 plus is a beast. He’s also a far better and smarter buy than either bonucci or vvd. Both of those guys would have been 50 plus if not 70. Drinkwater looks a calming force who does the simple things perfectly and can pick out a forward pass. Ampadu is a solid youth player who can be 5th choice. Zappacosta is a solid backup to Moses. Kennedy is looking a decent option behind Alonso (this is a position I think we can upgrade). Defense gas more than enough options. Luiz, rudiger and azpilicueta and more than do a job in other positions. Bats, scores goals. He’s still a work in progress, but one we should keep working on. 33 million for a striker his age who can score at his rate is a steal. Especially if the rest of his game comes good. Your talking about a guy in 2 years who could be a 75 million pound striker. Get Tammy back next year. If only we hadn’t lost to Burnley and palace is say we were in perfect position. But remember, history shows we were unlikely to defend our premier league title this year. A top 4 finish, a domestic cup trophy and a deep cl run with the possibility to win it…ill take it.

  • Agreed Eric, despite Roman ‘ruining’ football with his wealth and making Chelsea strong, when other clubs, ie Everton, Newcastle, and Liverpool start splashing the cash it’s seen as a good thing by our friends in the media. Suddenly the fans of those clubs forget that buying titles is wrong. But as Everton and Liverpool have proved it’s not just about spending money, there is more to success than that.

  • For me the truth behind the media making up stories about Chelsea springs from envy/jealousy about our achievements and Roman’s money.

  • Lovely bit of writing ;as usual) which I would LOVE to be true. Sadly the facts don’t support it. Stay tuned for my take on the matter.

  • The facts never supported munich stan .. we are fighting and could do with your support ha ha KTBFFH

  • Negative Stan as always……very infatuated about facts. Forgetting that we re chelsea, we dont look up the history or ‘facts’ book too much. We create our own history and facts.w

  • Negative Stan as always……very infatuated about facts. Forgetting that we re chelsea, we dont look up the history or ‘facts’ book too much. We create our own history and facts.

  • We have two sets of fans here who claim/believe that Chelsea is a poorly run Club. The first group are those who just hate the fact that Chelsea is owned by a Russian billionaire and there’s nothing the Club/Roman can do or achieve that will ever make them happy. The second group are a few here who are just gullible enough to soak up all the garbage/nonsense/hatred spewed by the media…

  • It should be mentioned that we have a brutal schedule this season, of our next six games inc yesterday against Bournemouth we have only one home game, against United and trips to Rome and Qarabag . We have also been unlucky with injuries . No one ever seems to take that into account. Other things, and no one could have predicted this, nearly all of our players aged 30 and above seem to be having a loss of form this season and given their age, its unlikely they will get better . Managers are not always right in transfer decisions Bonnucci and Llorente have been a bust . Our ex is finding out Matic does not show up every game and Lukaku has gone 4/5 games without a goal now . Media is always going to hate us, and have done forever, i mentioned on another thread, Rupert Murdoch owns SKY/Sun/News Of The World and 40% of United TV , think any of his outlets will praise us ?, not a chance, think they will use the media to cause instability in our ranks, of course, they were even wire tapping John Terry a few years back , and that was one of Murdoch’s rags . Realistically Conte, Granovskaia and Emenalo are not going to sit in a circle and sing “Kumbaya ” all the time, of course their will be friction, happens in every organization . Look at Everton old Bill Kenwright forcing Rooney and Ashley Willams, on every manager, not to metion Arron Lennon, much rather be in our situation than theirs, cant even find a new manager, facing relegation . I do not think any of us expect much more than top 4 and a good champions league run. We are going to have to rebuild and replace many older players soon, as such patience is needed . Finally those Liverpool, Arse and United pundits are still stuck mentally in the 80’s and 90’s, they are never going to like us, never have never will, Stan Collymore says,! Well what would he know about being a world beater?, beside dogging is more his thing . The only pundit that we should ever maybe be cautious about our the ones like Ex Juve Supremo Moggi, there are a couple like him who are very close to Conte . PS Ancelotti he is not working right now, he is friends with Roman and Conte, in fact Roman hired Conte on his recommendation, why should he not hang out at the Bridge ?,where he is held in great esteem and has many friends ?.

  • Another thing related to Everton. The media keep slagging off Chelsea for not giving youth “a chance” and wax lyrical about how wonderful Everton are at giving youth “a chance”. After 10 games Everton are sitting in the bottom 3.

  • @Latunvic, I guess there will be a third set. Some of us are happy to have Roman around and we don’t care what the press write against us.

  • It’s not where the trouble lies with Chelsea, the trouble is the lies that are written and spoken in the media. As you say above “The current plot line, introduced by those hacks, is that the manager is unhappy with his present squad of players. The indices being he didn`t want some of those bought in during the summer transfer window. They weren`t his choices, he wanted other players. Players the club, and their two transfer gurus weren`t prepared to get for him.”
    Any sane person knows that European elite clubs, of which there are probably 5 or 6 in England, based on wealth if nothing else in some cases, 2 or 3 in Spain, 1 in France, 1 or at a push 2 in Germany and, being generous, 4 in Italy, giving a maximum total of 16, all compete for the same players. Now factor in that for South American talent Spain is usually their preferred destination, and add in the X factor of players possible family loyalties (I mean African/ mainland European Dad was always a bit of a Manure fan because his Dad was, probably due to the Munich disaster or Bobby Charlton/ George Best, or maybe a Liverpoo fan because of their history prior to the Premier League; you get the idea), means there is family pressure to sign for any such club, meaning that probably around 35% of players are very unlikely to join us. So we are chasing a shrinking list and remember that not everyone on that list will be the type of player we actually need during any transfer window (strikers being the exception, any club always wants a better one), and we are possibly looking at 10 to 20% of so called available players being worthwhile us attempting to sign. And at least some of the other elite clubs will want some of these same players. No wonder deals are done at the last minute (or just after in Leicester), players and their agents are hanging on to get the best possible financial deal. I can’t blame them for that, if I try to think as a non Chelsea fan, which is hard for me, & you but must surely be easy if you grew up in Argentina or the Ivory Coast. So logically I can’t blame the Chelsea board or it’s senior employees, it really must be a twice yearly nightmare for them.

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