Date: 16th October 2017 at 4:42pm
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The above question was first raised by a US Politician to demand for the details of his opponent’s rhetoric`s.

Today, I wish to ask Chelsea Club the same question: where is the energy?

We have a bunch of very, very talented players that ‘appear’ not to have enough energy to play in today’s Premier League. Unlike with other teams, our forwards don’t see themselves as defensive members of the team. They leave the retrieval and distribution of the ball to only six players, the goal keeper, the three backs and the two midfielders.

If you look at most successful teams today, their defence starts with their forwards vigorously pressing and fighting for the ball upfront. Sometimes they win it. And even if they don’t win it, opponents’ build up becomes more difficult.

A player who does not wish to track back should at least do his best to prevent the ball from passing him with such ease like in our own case.

Many of the goals scored against us always result from this ‘careless’ loss of ball up front without trying to get it back. I used to think that other players run over ours because they are shorter. Then, I realized that the likes of Pedro, Ngolo Kante, Mane, Sterling and Sanchez are about same size as Harvard and Willian.

So, what they lack is the aggressiveness required. Even Mosunda is more-feisty than Batshuayi.

I am not sure who is to blame for this our characteristic way of being run over, but I know it has more to do with our style of playing. This is because when these same seemingly lethargic players go to another team (after we shall have told them that they are not good enough for us), they suddenly come alive picking up unbelievable energy from nowhere and fight vigorously and tirelessly for the ball all over the field.

Just look at Mohammed Salah, Kevin De Bryne and even our Loftus Cheek (thank God we have not sold him). Then we would start regretting selling them. I don’t know how it is going to be done, my suggestion is that the club should find a way of injecting REAL ENERGY into our team so that we stop capitulating all over.

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