Date: 20th January 2019 at 11:10am
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When Maurizio Sarri took over the managerial hot-seat from the axed Antonio Conte, the first thing the Italian did was to ensure the club bought his key midfielder, Jorginho, from Napoli.

Jorginho, who cost Chelsea £50 million plus a potential £7 million in possible add-ons, was seen as being essential to the way in which Sarri wanted his Chelsea to play, even if it meant the marvellous N’Golo Kante, a World Cup winner, being moved to a more forward position.

It’s fair to say that Jorginho started his Chelsea career well, his movement of the ball ensured Chelsea played at a pace that Sarri wanted.

But, in recent weeks, it’s fair to say that Jorginho has failed to impress.

The number of passes he makes in a game may still be unequalled by others but they’re all sideways and backwards with very few having any real penetration. It’s also become noticeable that the opposition have quickly worked out that if they press Jorginho then they nullify the way in which Chelsea play.

As a result and looking through numerous social media platforms, Jorginho’s stock amongst the Chelsea support appears to have fallen to an all-time low.

In fact, his very presence in the team is to much for some, as the following posts illustrate:

But, returning to the point we made about the number of passes, it seems that a certain Rio Ferdinand has also noticed the obvious:

So, our question to you is, would you persist with Jorginho in his current role or, if you were Maurizio Sarri, would you swallow your pride and return N’Golo Kante to his preferred role in the side?

Your thoughts on the above subject matter would be most welcome in our comment facility beneath this article.

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23 Replies to “Chelsea Fans Question Why Jorginho Remains In The Starting XI”

  • Sarri is a disappointment. I have said it over and over again that Joginho lack the technical stamina to be in that position. Sarri is too stubborn otherwise, why should he take Kante away from his rightful position. Joginho is too soft to be in that position…..simple!

  • Comment Strong fans of Chelsea knew that it would not be long before the useless arrangements will collapse. Tottenham shows the whole world that Ngolo Kante the world best holding midfielder needs to return to his prefer position. We shall mobilise to Sanford Bridge if the situation is not normalised

  • If Sarri didn’t take his time he might be sacked come next season. It seems he is too adamant and silly in nature. why would he be playing this useless weaker Jorginho as our defensive midfielder where Ngolo kante is in the squad.

  • This Jogingho is not a reliable player in the midfield when you are losing the match because he cannot create scoring chances. Chelsea has to find a Fabrigas type of player from somewhere.

  • Sarri must think big, he must take kante back to his number end have a new midfielder who can hold and give accurate passes,, otherwise jarghino can’t make any change in the team

  • Use three midfield of Kante,Barkley and Kovatic but Kante in the central midfield and try Emerson on the left then take Hazard back to the left wing and Willian to the right wing then give more time to cullam odoi not like 10mins no and find a suitable striker before the next game and also sell Giroud and loan Morata and Pedro failed also to offer what we expecting as Chelsea fans

  • All of you are complaining about Jorginho alone, what about Marcos Alonso? he has become sluggish nowadays, A left wing back without speed, dribbling skills, strength and accurate cross. Sarri should try buy a better left wing back (World class) or better still give Emerson Palmeiri or Victor Moses a chance. Kante should be drifted back to his real position likewise Jorginho has to be benched for a while .

  • Starting line up for me would be
    1. Kepa
    2. Caesar
    3. Emerson
    4. David
    5. Rudiger
    6. Kante
    7. Willian
    8. Barkley
    9. Hazard
    10. Kovatic
    11. Odoi

    4,3,3 formation

    Back 4
    Midfield 3
    Attack 3

  • @Sarri stop this your silly stuff because you don’t have a plan B in a game. Try a 4 2 3 1 formation because you have good players that can play that well. Smoke out Alonso and Joginho from our team because they got nothing to offer the team and as for our so-called Captain Azplicueta you are the worst in the history of Chelseafc. You got no motivation for your team, no sense of leadership in you just blunt and enjoys failure give the arm band to Luiz who got the spirit.

  • He is only in because he is Sarri favourite moreover the chained smoker Italian acting as Hitler that he won’t play Kante in holding midfield role Kante has already showed his class in defensive midfield role previously in two occasions firstly with Leicester then in Chelsea in Conte era both time resulting as EPL champions

  • How does a stubborn manager expect to succeed. Kante should be D-midfield not his useless best mate !!!
    Hazard needs to go left, even if Giroud is in centre, and Emerson at L-back. Calum needs to pay instead of
    Willian. These moves are bloody obvious, but Snr Stubbon refuses until its too late in the game. What really
    makes him think that he, and his ways are more important than the club’s fortunes. Yesterday, it even looked
    like Zola was embarrassed but would get an ear full if he made a suggestion. Sari’s attitude will loose our
    better players again, and turn us into alsorans, CRIMINAL !!!!!!!!!!

  • Comment Sarri Or What U Call Your Selft, Joginho, Is Not A Type Of Player U Can Play With, In That Possion, Changing Of Kante Position That Make Our Useles,

  • Sarri you have to change your correction in squad
    Because i don’t know what wrong with useless jorginho, it can’t give through pass, no defence, and that slowly Alonso

  • Sarri must sell that jorginho and bring kante to his position then Chelsea must but cotinhio and strikers also that Alonso he must go to small teams

  • Thought sari was a brilliant coach won earlier matches with luck never seen a coach without plan B can predict his lineups weekout ,jorginho most sluggish in epl

  • Sarri should stop using joginho as 4 he’s not strong enough for that position let kante continue his work as defensive midfield and bench alonso for small time and use emerson. Sarri should pls make that changes for us before is too late

  • Sarri should accept the fact that he made a mediocre judgement call to tag along Jorginho into the premier league. The guy lacks all the qualities needed to command the center midfield in the PL. He is weak defensively, lacks the pace to surge forward, has no physique to stop an intense opponent such as Arsenal and Tottenham.

  • Sari knows the right thing to do but he doesn’t wanna do it, and another chelsea problem is the board how can u sell a player without replacement, but if Chelsea wants to go for a player the club will ask Chelsea to wait until the have a replacement for the player, but as for Chelsea the board will just go ahead a sell without replacement. should rest for Emerson, Williams should rest for Hudson undoi, Hazard returns to is main position, I always want Sari to know that strike present matters a lot in the teams wander is good or not, Sari take note.

  • Wot we need iz a new technical director (Ballack) n a new vibrant head coach from Spain or Germany. Sarri iz a professional loser n stubborn as a mule good for nothing old Italian banker so useless, Marina who advised u to hire this fool that can’t rotate too rigid wit his one mediocre system can’t bench his favourites n doesn’t rate youths #Marina&Sarriout

  • Now I know why Sarri never won a major trophy in his career. He is so predictable with his first XI. Even opposition coaches can easily predict all his 3 subs. He has no plan B. Jorginho was good in the beginning, but trust me this is EPL not Italian league. Here coaches find a way of nullifying your style of play easily. If Sarri was such a good coach he would also work out a way to nullify our opponents, but he keeps dishing out the same 4-3-3 week in week out. He should try and be flexible and know when to mix things up. Jorginho can only make backward and sideways passes, no killer passes like Fabregas or Luiz. Nuff said please bench Jorginho and play Kante in that DM role, Hazard on his preferred left attacking position. Now we have Higuain use him upfront and we might just be in top 4 come end of season

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