Date: 28th February 2021 at 9:21am
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This afternoon, Chelsea welcome Manchester United, to Stamford Bridge, for a fascinating Premier League fixture.

After a superb away win, in midweek, against Atletico Madrid, Thomas Tuchel has continued his unbeaten run as Chelsea manager since taking over from frank Lampard.

However, the fixture this afternoon could be his trickiest since taking charge.

After a poor start to the season, especially at home, Ole Gunnar Solksjaer has turned his sides fortunes around and the currently sit in second place in the Premier League table.

As is the norm, we are running our Match Day Moments feature where we invite you to leave your views on a variety of topics including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to this fascinating fixture.

2 – The starting XI selected by Thomas Tuchel

3 – The action as it happens at Stamford Bridge.

4 – Your thoughts in the immediate period following the sounding of the final whistle.

Here’s hoping that come the sound of the final whistle it is the Chelsea support that have smiles on their faces.

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29 Replies to “Chelsea v Man Utd – Match Day Moments”

  • Mendy & Thiago Silva were superb in defence in the earlier match. Now TS is injured & Mendy seems bit tentative last few matches. Hope Mendy is back to his best today.

  • The Atletico game in midweek was our sternest test yet and we passed the test albeit not in flying colours but we showed that we are improving and we can take on anyone when we are in the mood for it. Unlike Atletico who defended too deep at their own detriment, Man U would want to attack us at a very high speed and in numbers but they are not as astute in defence as Atletico. If not for a momentary lapse, the midweek game could have ended in a goaless draw which is a clear indication that we are not creating enough scoring opportunities and that is the major worry I have personally about our club right now

    • We have a funny way of bombing out in the second leg. We’ll see. I don’t have much confidence in this weak squad of man-boys, who play well for a few weeks when a new manager comes along, and then proceed to capitulate to whatever trauma gets triggered the first time the manager isn’t lovey-dovey with them.

  • I believe we can edge out Man U today because Lindelof is weak and Maguire is too slow to recover when a player goes past him but we have to move the quicker and transition from defence to attack at a higher tempo than we are used to. Their forward hardly regroup to help out in defence and that is where I think the game could be won

  • 0-0 at the half …. Couple of half chances missed by us. I feel Werner or Pulisic for Ziyech is worth a try.

  • It was a porous first half from us, we gave them too much room and we sat too deep. Something has to change in the second half

  • Much more exciting 2nd half, but 0-0 it ends ….. Chelsea were better for spells in the 2nd but could not find the cutting edge …. Reece James needs to start methinks, his crosses are superb ….

  • I hope that this is Ziyech’s last season here. He is absolute shit. Too small, terrible decision making, and there’s not position that suits him. (especially with a back 3) He’s more disappointing than Havertz.

  • Also, this squad is dreadful to watch. When you have a high press, why do you just dick around with sideways and backwards passes? RUN INTO THE SPACE WHEN YOU CANNOT PASS. Nobody is going to move until you show some initiative!!!! UGH. In one season, we went from averaging 3 goals per match, to averaging .73 goals per match. What happened?!?!?

    • it’s crying out for an Eden Hazard, someone who can take several players on and make things happen in the final third.

      • You don’t need an Eden Hazard. We had players that were tearing teams apart early this season. SO WHAT HAPPENED? Mason Mount is quality. Watch the replay. Pay attention to him both WITH and WITHOUT the ball. And then do you part to silence the haters. Cause that kid is gold.

        • The current managerial lackey must know something that we don’t, because it was a very poor decision not to start Pulisic, IMO. He is hungry. He doesn’t play act. Right now, he’s a little wired, from not getting minutes. But also a VERY good player.

          • Yeah, for sure. It’s a shame that our wingers, and fullbacks/wingbacks don’t have even half of that courage to take an opponent on.

            I just can’t suss out what a manager has to put into the heads of his players, to make them regress so phenomenally. Even Mason Mount was scoring for fun early on.

              • Thomas Tuchel is showing the early signs that he has all the makings of a managerial disasterclass. He is far too casual with his vocal displeasure, and this snowflake generation – that needs coddling – won’t respond well. It’s only a matter of time before he loses the dressing room.

                Honestly, that’s such a Chelsea thing. You could put the same talent in any other club (except for maybe Arsenal or Tottenham), and they’d win titles. Do we really believe that as individuals, these players are less than capable? Some of them are actually repeat champions. So why is their teamwork so awful? I’m just perpetually baffled by this. The same individuals both brilliant, and rubbish. What is the trigger for one, or the other? Manager after manager, result after result. Up, down, up, down, up down… This club needs 10 years in the middle of the table to think about it.

  • Welcome back, Solid ….. I too have noticed that after a good quick run forward along the flanks, the person with the ball whether it isReece/ Chillwell suddenly stops & passes back instead of trying a dangerous forward pass … Very frustrating to see this

    • This is how they have been TOLD to play. Or, at the very least, they haven’t been told NOT TO PLAY like this. It’s not football that they’re playing. They need a better mix of one-on-ones (to stretch, and make the zonal defending do its job), and then open up the channels to let players like Timo and Giroud, get themselves into good positions. Instead, we seem to have this philosophy of just keeping possession, until something maybe happens, and then the forwards will just do something special. Why do you think Timo has no confidence? I think I can answer that… Same reason every forward that has struggled in the recent past, has done so – because they’re afraid it’s gonna be their LAST opportunity!

      The great Chelsea teams of old were feared, because of how much ground they were capable of covering in a short amount of time. The modern incarnation of Chelsea, likes to hold the ball until the pitch needs to be trimmed. But we all know that fortune favors the bold. The best teams in the modern EPL era, have ALL been attack-minded teams, who spearhead attacks. They don’t just wait for someone to make a mistake. They keep the pressure up, constantly!

  • Mason was indeed outstanding yesterday, the effort he puts in on & off the ball is phenomenal . Also agree on Pulisic. .. he is one player trying to make things happen & putting pressure on the defenders … Plus always turning up in the box to try and score.

    • Pulisic and Mount don’t go to ground, and if they do, they don’t stay there. I really appreciate that about them. Pulisic, in particular, punches well above his weight with regard to being tenacious on the ball, and working to win it back.

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