Date: 11th August 2018 at 11:00am
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Today is the day, the new Premier League season gets underway for Chelsea.

A trip to Yorkshire beckons to take on Huddersfield Town, a fixture that will see our new manager Maurizio Sarri in charge for his first Premier League game.

With several of our squad returning late, after being involved at the 2018 World Cup, until the latter stages, it remains to be seen who makes the starting eleven.

Hopefully, after a disappointing showing against Manchester City, in the Community Shield, the likes of Hazard and Kante will be available for selection.

As usual, we’re running our famed Match Day Moments feature whereby we invite you to air your opinions on a variety of subjects including, but not limited to:

1 – The build-up to the fixture.

2 – The starting eleven named by Maurizio Sarri.

3 – The action as it happens on the pitch.

4 – Your thoughts in the immediate period between the final whistle sounding and the match report appearing here on Vital Chelsea.

The officials in charge for this fixture are:

Referee – Chris Kavanagh
Assistant Referee – Peter Kirkup
Assistant Referee – Marc Perry
Fourth Official – Michael Oliver

Ahead of the kick-off, why not have a go, if you haven’t already, in our ongoing poll ahead of the kick-off!

As for the team line-ups, Chelsea line up as follows:

Whilst Huddersfield line up as below:

Up the Chels!


20 Replies to “Huddersfield v Chelsea – Match Day Moments Bumper Package”

  • Both goals completely incidental. Any good team will tear this squad to shreds… This is not football. Barely a single pass to our striker. In complete contrast to the Man City striker who had enough touches to almost score a hat trick against us in the Community Shield. If anyone thinks this is exciting, I have got some bad news for you… there is disappointment ahead.

  • Just quick passes and you are good to go. Our guys hold the ball for too long. Kudos to Kante and Jorgi


  • If you hold possession always at your back line, that’s meaningless football. And I’ll blame it on them all, bar Kante. That buildup to Jorginho’s penalty was excellent. I’m hoping for more of that in the second half


  • Congrats to the boys. Wins against small teams like this will go a long way. Few takes. Ball exchange within and out of defense is too slow…no thanks to Luiz who walks with the ball . Midfield/Attack not coercive in the first half, a bit better in the second. Morata still way too poor. does not use put his body over the ball at all thus loses possesion frequently.
    Hoping Sarri is just starting and love the trust he puts in Berkley/RLC. 3points in the bag.

  • I don’t like this manager, and I’m tired of the same old shit… No philosophy, toxic environment, no stability… this manager will be gone shortly, and it will be another shuffle of players and personnel. If it’s considered bitter to be fed up with a club with no direction, and empty, soulless fans, then yes, call me bitter. I’ll take a mid-table team with players who work hard and with conviction, week-in, week-out, over this lot, and this despotic clown of an owner. As for letting the ‘coach’ settle, why? We aren’t the club that lets managers settle. Let’s talk about “settling” in the context of Carlo Ancelotti. Let’s talk about who is going to want to run this mess when the #SarriOut brigade shows up.

  • The simple fact is, we can’t find a manager who can make this mess work, because there is no manager who shares the vision of the owner. None, nada, zero. We are now in the realm of managerial mediocrity, because the good ones know not to ever come here.

  • Stability like that of arsenal? I am a Chelsea supporter not a coach supporter.Conte caused his own demise, you can’t attack your boss in public and expect to stay.

  • I don’t care about Conte. You’ll have to go making excuses for all the others. Also, it’s not for you to say what a Chelsea supporter is.

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