Date: 30th March 2018 at 4:53pm
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It`s time for some more poll housekeeping. With the laborious international break finally over, we can draw closure on the whole affair by revealing the results of international football poll.

We asked the question, Do you support your national football team? From an English point of view, too much attention is given to the national side. The media in the UK love nothing better than to build the team up pre-tournament, before poking them with a stick during it, and kicking them when they fail. Bad news sells so much better than good, ask the Australian cricket team.

Regarding the poll, we gave you four choices,

⦁ Wholeheartedly!
⦁ Couldn’t care less!
⦁ Only in tournaments!
⦁ Vaguely Interested!

Years of high expectation coupled with horrific failure have left me ambivalent to the international scene. Maybe that rubs off on the players. Hopefully the whole international experience is much better for you and your country. I don`t expect England to win tournaments, but it`s the manner of the defeats that hurt.

When it came down to the actual voting it was Couldn’t care less! that came top with 42% of the votes. Quite how that was split across the countries is not known, nonetheless, it was a surprisingly high number.

Second in the vote was the polar opposite, Wholeheartedly! which wasn`t that far behind, gaining 32%. At least some of us have some national pride in our team.

Third place went to Vaguely interested! with 15%, while Only in tournaments! came in last place with 11%.

We can now look forward to just discussing domestic football between now and the summer`s World Cup. Chelsea still have plenty to play for, starting at 4pm Sunday afternoon.

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