Date: 30th March 2018 at 9:03am
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Without fail, it rolls around once a year, making me a year older and, hopefully, a year wiser.

But I`m at the stage of life now where the jigsaw that is life starts to all fall into place.

I`ve seen my family grow up, I`ve seen loved ones pass away and worked out just how brutal this world we live in can be.

The innocence of youth has long gone, replaced by a cynicism that comes with getting older, the angry young man has been replaced by a wiser person who has learned to accept that the wheels of the world will continue to turn in whatever direction those that control it dictate, despite the furore on the streets.

Today, I`ve received some lovely presents from those I hold dear to me, for each I am grateful.

But, as I celebrate being a year older, it`s what goes on around me that brings me the rich rewards life provides.

Watching my son and daughter mature and make their way in the world, securing decent jobs and embarking on the life-journey I (and most of you) have trodden.

Watching my young grandson growing up, young enough to show all those innocent virtues that made life so enthralling in my own challenging formative years.

Watching my lovely wife blossom as she grows older, our marriage has lasted 25 years, now that`s not something many can match in times when the word perseverance has all but disappeared in the chase for instant gratification, my love for her is stronger than ever.

Tonight, I`ll celebrate in my usual style, a few too many beers and a takeaway once the munchies set in before retiring to bed, life rumbles on, it`s Tottenham this Sunday, how about three points Chelsea, the perfect belated birthday present.

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